Tanishq leveraged Amazon DSP to drive consideration and in-store walk-ins

Tanishq, a division of Titan Company, is a popular jewelry brand and one of the largest in India. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, and has more than 250 jewelry showrooms in India and abroad. During the Diwali festive season, October and November of 2020, Tanishq sought to create a campaign that would inspire customers to visit its physical stores.

Reaching audiences researching jewelry products

Tanishq, their digital agency, Interactive Avenues, and Amazon Ads teams worked together to develop a campaign to reach shoppers who were in-market for rings for women, jewelry, and wedding jewelry. Tanishq ran Amazon DSP display ad campaigns to reach shoppers in eight cities: Mumbai, Delhi National Capital Region, Chennai, Vishakhapatnam, Coimbatore, Indore, Bhubaneswar, and Jaipur. Customers who clicked through were taken to Tanishq’s online store page, which included calls to action to visit Tanishq stores in those areas.

Driving cost-efficient store walk-ins

This Amazon DSP campaign achieved a reach of approximately 20 million impressions at a click-through rate of 0.5%. This campaign contributed 18% of all store walk-ins delivered by digital campaigns during the festive season. The cost per store visit from the campaign was 42% lower than the average.

"For the festive campaign, our goal was to reach out to new customers and build consideration for Tanishq Jewelry. We leveraged Amazon DSP to reach consumers to help increase the demand within the in-market jewelry intenders. The results show Amazon Ads helped influence offline store walk-ins at a lower cost during the festive period."

— Poulomi Sengupta, Marketing Manager, Tanishq

“We worked very closely with the brand and Amazon Ads teams to gather insights to identify relevant audience segments during the festive period. We planned a multi-layered campaign to drive consideration among jewelry shoppers. As a result, we not only observed quality website traffic, but parallely were able to influence cost-efficient offline demand to Tanishq stores.”

— Gaurav Tyagi, Media Director, Digital, Interactive Avenues

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