Sun Products achieves 500% return with sponsored ads

The Sun Products Corporation is a leading North American manufacturer and marketer of laundry detergent, fabric softeners, and other household care products. In February 2015, Sun Products started leveraging sponsored ads to drive awareness and sales for their products on Amazon. They’ve seen a positive impact on sales of their all free clear®, Snuggle®, and Wisk® laundry brands with more than a 500% ROI (return on investment).

Tips for success

  • The combination of the sponsored ads and other Amazon promotional strategies help increase overall brand’s visibility and awareness.
  • When choosing keywords to target, leverage the keyword suggestion and keyword power features provided by Amazon Ads.
  • Take advantage of the sponsored ad tutorials and 101 webinar videos on the Amazon Ads YouTube channel

In February 2015, Sun Products started testing Product Display Ads* after attending the 101 webinar series and were amazed at how easy the self-service platform was to use. Before long, they expanded into testing Sponsored Brands, and they were super excited to launch Sponsored Products ads across all of their brands.

While each ad type plays a unique role for each brand, they found the combination of the different ad types really helped increase their brand’s visibility and awareness, with well over 35 million ad impressions in the second half of 2015.

Sun Products used Sponsored Products to bid on 81 relevant keywords and maintained high bids given the competitive nature of this category. all® spent $23,584 and saw a return of $125,679 in sales.

quoteUpAs we continue to see the return on our Amazon Ads investment dollars, we will continue to invest in more Amazon Ads campaigns.quoteDown
– Tim Blachowski, Sun Products

Keyword strategy

all® used specific keywords to speak to their target audience and achieved an ROI of 5:1 with their Sponsored Products campaign. One thing Sun Products’ team has learned is that keyword advertising with sponsored ads is not necessarily the same as other types of keyword advertising. Advertisers should take into account differences in how shoppers search on retail sites versus search engines, and leverage the keyword suggestion and keyword power tools provided by Amazon Ads.

Ongoing optimization

Sun Products appreciate the reporting tool that monitors clicks, budget spent, impressions generated, and most importantly, estimated total sales generated. Getting that ROI feedback so quickly helps them make the most efficient spend on promotional dollars using nearly real-time optimization. They also like what Amazon Ads is doing to help improve the overall experience. For example, advertisers can clone their campaigns with just one click. Sun Products loved the ability to clone a campaign, make a few tweaks, and get the new campaign started with ease.

*Product Display Ads audience and product targeting features are now accessed within Sponsored Display.

What they said

“Amazon Ads allows you to put the speed, flexibility, and genius of Amazon to work for your brands and get ads in front of your customers with lightning speed.”

Tim Blachowski, eCommerce Team Leader, Sun Products


  • 500% return on investment
  • 35 million+ ad impressions in 2nd half 2015