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Xmars wins Technology Innovation Award by using AI to lift sales by 408% for Sunnydaze Decor

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The Amazon Ads Partner Awards recognize innovation, creativity, and effectiveness in digital advertising. Xmars, powered by SparkXGlobal, received the 2023 Technology Innovation Award for its AI-driven technology that helped Sunnydaze Decor launch thousands of single-product campaigns.

Xmars helps streamline the Amazon advertising landscape for brands big and small—including Sunnydaze Decor, an importer and advertiser of home and garden products for Net Health Shops. Their advertising management solution features a setup wizard that streamlines campaign creation and an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant that continuously optimizes ad campaigns, transforming common advertising challenges into sales opportunities. This technology’s proven results for Sunnydaze Decor earned Xmars the Technology Innovation Award at the 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Awards.

Navigating ad campaign challenges

When creating and managing ad campaigns on Amazon, advertisers might face several challenges. Notably, they can struggle to quickly ramp up campaigns and maximize ad spend during busy seasons like holidays or new product launches. They may also lack the resources or expertise needed to continually refine their sponsored ads campaigns and budgets, which can require more time as an advertiser’s catalog grows. Xmars saw these challenges and created a tool capable of efficiently automating and adjusting ad campaigns around the clock.

Unveiling smart solutions

To address the challenges faced by advertisers, Xmars developed two AI-powered features: Smart Creation, an ad campaign creation wizard, and AI Autopilot, an assistant that continuously optimizes ads.

Smart Creation uses AI to streamline and automate the process of creating new campaigns by factoring in vital components like budget, optimal campaign structure, advertising cost of sales goals, and keyword identification. Built using advanced algorithms and real-time insights, Smart Creation integrates multiple information channels, such as Amazon Marketing Stream and the Amazon Ads API, to offer personalized recommendations at campaign setup.

AI Autopilot provides ongoing oversight of campaigns and helps continuously monitor and optimize them after launch. This tool can be applied to campaigns created with Smart Creation or to existing campaigns in the Amazon Ads console. The feature employs real-time analytics from Amazon sources to regularly adjust key variables—such as bid amounts, budget allocation, and dayparting—in addition to harvesting and negating keywords. Using algorithms tailored to different campaign metrics, AI Autopilot offers precise decision-making to optimize campaign performance. It also incorporates a risk-control mechanism to preemptively mitigate issues like overbidding, thereby helping maintain campaign efficiency.

Achieving increases in sales and ad spend

Smart Creation and AI Autopilot can help deliver benefits for businesses of all sizes. For small and medium enterprises, it democratizes ad management by automating complex, resource-intensive campaign creation processes. For larger organizations, it offers a real-time, scalable, AI-driven management system that reduces manual inputs, saving time and labor. Xmars performs the highly repetitive tasks that normally fall on ad managers, freeing them to focus more on strategic planning and budget allocation across ad types.

Sunnydaze Decor serves as a compelling testament to these advanced AI ad management features. Faced with seasonal surges and a growing Amazon standard identification number (ASIN) portfolio, Sunnydaze Decor employed Smart Creation to rapidly launch over 3,000 single-ASIN campaigns in less than 30 days.1 They then used the AI Autopilot feature to optimize these campaigns based on real-time metrics. The results were impressive: within two months, AI Autopilot made over 3.3 million campaign adjustments, resulting in a 408% increase in ad-attributable sales, a 315% boost in monthly ad spend, and a 27% uplift in return on ad spend.2 Using Xmars, Sunnydaze Decor was able to create and manage these campaigns with just two employees.

In recognition of the transformative impact of its Ad Campaign Wizard, Xmars received the Technology Innovation Award at the 2023 Amazon Ads Partner Awards.

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Thanks to Xmars, we’re doing more with less. Their intuitive Smart Creation and AI Autopilot tools are unlike anything we’ve used before, effectively boosting our ad campaigns, streamlining our processes, and helping us exceed our sales goals.

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— Amber Liddell, partner, Sunnydaze Decor

1-2 Xmars, US, 2023