Case Study

Solaray works alongside iDerive to increase conversions across their retail channels with Amazon Ads

Solaray Vitamin C bottle and oranges

Wellness brand Solaray wanted a comprehensive marketing strategy to drive customer conversions across their digital channels and brick-and-mortar stores. Founded in 1973, Solaray connects their customers with supplements and minerals made from high-quality, clean ingredients that help them “live brighter” and embrace the moments that matter most.

Since Solaray’s founding, they have launched over 900 premium products, which can be found on the company’s website and in retail stores globally. Recognizing the opportunity to grow their brand through online sales, Solaray decided to offer their products on beginning in 2013.

Reaching shoppers at all stages of the purchasing journey

To drive sales across all retail channels, Solaray needed a full-funnel marketing strategy that would capture the attention of shoppers in every stage of the purchasing journey. The brand’s goals were to synchronize upper-, middle-, and lower-funnel marketing tactics to help reach more potential customers and integrate fragmented revenue channels.

In addition to aligning their creative vision, Solaray wanted to push traffic from their website to their Store in case of fulfillment delays or low warehouse inventory. Solaray knew this approach would help drive conversions, because most of their customers make their purchases through and brick-and-mortar stores.1

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Formulating a potent digital presence with Amazon DSP

To realize their goals, Solaray engaged iDerive, an Amazon Ads partner. Both companies worked together to integrate Solaray’s channels with Amazon DSP, a demand-side solution that gives the option for advertisers to buy ads programmatically to reach new and existing audiences wherever they spend their time, whether on the Amazon store or across other apps and websites. The teams segmented Solaray’s campaigns into custom audiences: new-to-brand shoppers and already engaged audiences. Solaray then secured placements on Amazon Freevee. Through these methods, Solaray reduced their customer acquisition costs by 52% and saw a 45% boost in purchase rates.2

Solaray also ushered shoppers down the funnel by reaching already exposed audiences with advertisements in their social media feeds and across other digital channels, helping build brand awareness.

quoteUpAmazon Ads had the greatest impact when integrated into a cohesive, 360-degree amplification plan across various digital and physical channels. For us, this involved combining out-of-home, guerrilla marketing, and pop-up experiential activations in a well-rounded pitch to our customers.quoteDown
— Michael Crooks, vice president and head of marketing, Solaray

Supplementing direct sales by leading online shoppers to Amazon

Solaray and iDerive also collaborated on ways to drive online shoppers to Solaray’s Store, where they could purchase products that might be out of stock on the company website. Solaray promoted their full line of products with Sponsored Products, creating ads that appear in related shopping results and product pages. The teams also inserted the “Buy on Amazon” feature on their own website, driving online shoppers directly to their Amazon product detail pages.

To perform a customer journey analysis and enhance the discoverability of their products, Solaray and iDerive used Amazon Marketing Cloud (AMC), a comprehensive impact measurement solution, through which advertisers can easily perform analytics across pseudonymized signals, including Amazon Ads signals as well as their own inputs.

Maximizing reach and return on investment holistically

Solaray’s omnichannel marketing strategy helped raise their brand awareness while delivering an improved customer experience for shoppers. Between August 2022 and February 2023, Solaray saw a 412% increase in purchase rates.3

“We learned the immense power of context for the prospect or consumer and the importance of a seamless, holistic strategy that uses all available tools,” said Youval Peltier, CEO of iDerive. “This experience has inspired us to continuously refine our approaches and explore innovative ways to amplify our clients’ messages, ultimately driving exceptional success in their advertising campaigns.”

1-3 Source: iDerive, United States, 2023.