SNOCKS succeeds with BidX and Amazon DSP

Founded by two cousins, Johannes and Felix—with a passion for sneakers and a desire for comfortable invisible socks—SNOCKS now makes socks, underwear, and singlets. The founders behind SNOCKS were also inspired by the availability of Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) to sell their small business products. For small business like SNOCKS, Amazon FBA provides an ideal solution for online retail.

Since December 2018, SNOCKS has worked with BidX, an Amazon Ads tool provider and agency whose bidding tools work with the Amazon Ads API to help clients grow and scale their businesses. Started by Amazon sellers, BidX’s software is designed exclusively to optimize and automate Amazon Ads campaigns.

Expanding to Amazon DSP

SNOCKS and BidX found success working with Amazon’s sponsored ads offerings, and as of 2021, continues to use BidX’s tools to adjust bids for Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns to optimize for advertising cost of sales (ACOS). At the start of 2021, SNOCKS was looking to increase their product reach and awareness, for which BidX proposed expanding to Amazon DSP to build on their sponsored ads success. SNOCKS was in a good position to start advertising with Amazon DSP, given the significant positive reviews for their products on Amazon and optimized A+ content on their product detail pages.

SNOCKS launched Amazon DSP campaigns with the help of BidX in February 2021, with a goal set for 5x return on advertising spend (ROAS). With their first Amazon DSP campaigns for SNOCKS, BidX focused on audiences who already had contact with SNOCKS products via remarketing. Campaigns served audiences who had viewed SNOCKS products in the last 90 days, and had also not purchased a SNOCKS product in the past 365 days. BidX started with an approach to test and learn on Amazon DSP, refining audiences and working with bids that were competitive but modest, before later raising spend on well-performing audiences and campaigns.

By late February, ROAS for SNOCKS’ Amazon DSP campaigns already approached 10x—double the initial goal. As early Amazon DSP campaigns showed promising results, BidX expanded campaigns to reach undecided audiences, serving shoppers who had viewed product detail pages for both SNOCKS products and those of its competitors. BidX worked closely with SNOCKS to update audiences and ads, and to test and learn with different remarketing lookback windows. As both an Amazon DSP user and an Amazon Advertising API integrator, BidX further used the recent Amazon DSP API expansions to directly integrate robust analytics with their campaign reporting.

Building a full-funnel effort

As of May 2021, BidX’s Amazon DSP campaigns for SNOCKS have exceeded a 10x ROAS monthly average—more than twice their initial ROAS goal.1 Assessing this success, BidX credits a strong working relationship with SNOCKS and a consistent scaling of advertising efforts, starting with an established brand presence before moving to sponsored ads and then adding Amazon DSP. “Amazon DSP allows merchants to tap into exclusive and efficient inventory on and off Amazon, with tremendous reach,” says Max Hofmann, Managing Director and co-founder of BidX. He added, “Before you start advertising on Amazon, make sure that you have fully optimized your listing so that it is advertising ready.”

SNOCKS adds that Amazon DSP was a “key” tool for extending advertising reach. “With Amazon DSP we have the opportunity to make our products even more well-known,” says Johannes Kliesch, Managing Director and founder of SNOCKS. “Amazon DSP takes time and budget to be successful,” adds Kliesch.

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1 Advertiser-provided data, Europe, 2021.