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Learn how Sika built a full-funnel marketing strategy using Amazon DSP

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Building a partnership

Sika is a leading specialty chemical company in the B2B building sector and motor vehicle industry. In 2019, the brand began working with Amazon Ads to develop sponsored ads campaigns to meet conversion goals. The following year, Sika began an always-on campaign with Amazon DSP that focused on return on ad spend (ROAS), leading to a full-funnel marketing strategy in 2021, enabled by video production services from Amazon Ads.

Evolving from a media provider to business-to-consumer partners

With an emphasis on reinforcing their brand in the business-to-consumer (B2C) market among customers in Spain, Sika focused on reaching do-it-yourself (DIY) customers by positioning products as “easy to use,” “high-quality,” and “long-lasting with great results.”

As part of their 2022 plans, Sika aligned with Amazon Ads on opportunities to meet their annual sales goals. After leveraging Amazon Ads insights, Sika identified the size of the audience engaged with their category, subcategory, and brand. This process identified a unique opportunity to generate awareness among customers who were searching for home improvement products but had never interacted with Sika.

Next, Sika needed to determine how to reach these audiences with the right message and the right formats to capture the attention of any potential buyers. They leveraged a combination of Amazon Ads products to achieve this reach, including video, display, audience retargeting, and sponsored ads.

Amazon Ads provided video production as an added value, to run across multiple Amazon video placements, while Sika provided the product, as well as props for the video shoot. The creation of this video allowed Sika to inspire and connect with customers, and the Amazon store provided a channel to learn more and engage with the product.

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Display and audience retargeting ads also helped the brand reach customers on and off the Amazon store, directing them to the product detail page as the last step of the purchase journey. This created connections with B2C customers shopping for DIY products, keeping Sika top of mind. Sika used Amazon’s sponsored ads to drive visibility among customers searching for the brand and products after interacting with display ads published through Amazon DSP.

Driving results by increasing engagement

Higher CTR compared to benchmarks

Higher CTR compared to benchmarks

Higher VCR compared to benchmarks

Higher VCR compared to benchmarks

Sika’s Amazon Ads campaign both captured attention of potential DIY customers and generated engagement. The campaign’s click-through rate (CTR) was 57% higher than the benchmark, which improved the brand’s CTR by 20% vs. the pre-campaign period. Branding and video-specific KPIs increased to 62%, resulting in a 16% increase vs. category video completion rate (VCR) benchmarks.1

Sika also implemented a Brand Lift study with research vendor Nielsen to measure campaign results. The brand study highlighted a 5% increase in aided awareness vs. the 2% benchmark in Spain, and a 9% increase in intention to buy vs. the 2% benchmark in Spain. Additionally, the campaign drove a 36% increase in ad recall for video assets created by Amazon video production services vs. the 23% benchmark in the European markets.

Branded searches for Sika increased by 20% year over year, while category searches decreased in the same period. These results helped Sika grow their business by approaching and engaging with the DIY audience, and helps prove the effectiveness of full-funnel advertising campaigns on awareness and search.

"Sika collaborated closely with Amazon Ads to set up an ambitious full-funnel plan to help us grow in the long term but also approach and engage with the DIY audience. We aim to stand out from the crowd and enlarge the visibility of our products and solutions for renovation projects at home. The Brand Lift study we conducted together showed us encouraging results and helped our more traditional performance-oriented campaigns—display re-targeting and sponsored ads—to be more efficient and better convert. With the added value video production service, Amazon Ads offered us a unique, fun, and memorable video to engage with our category shoppers. The strategy designed together helped us grow at all stages and will for sure continue to pay off in the coming year."

— Charlotte Aguilar, head of global e-commerce, Corporate Construction, Sika

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1 Amazon internal, ES, 2022