Outdoors company sees best sales month ever with help from Amazon Ads

Sawyer combined the full suite of sponsored ads products to drive awareness for its new product launch.

“What we liked most about [sponsored ads] is that it allowed us to simply and quickly drive awareness and demand for our products.” —Travis Avery, Vice President of Marketing, Sawyer Products

Sawyer Products has a mission to keep people safe in the wild. To get the word out about its new Sawyer MINI Water Filter, Sawyer launched a digital ad campaign that included the full suite of advertising products from Amazon's sponsored ads. Using this quick and easy set of advertising solutions Sawyer had its best sales month ever, with the MINI collecting 16K detail page views from one sponsored brand campaign and moving to #16 in the Sports and Outdoors best sellers ranking. Since then the MINI has climbed as high as #5.

Since 1984, Sawyer Products has offered some of the most technologically advanced solutions for protection against sun, bugs, water, and injuries. Sawyer is specifically dedicated to eliminating two of the biggest causes of death: bad water and mosquito bites.

Support new product launch with digital campaigns

Sawyer recently introduced a new product, the Sawyer MINI Water Filter, a tiny water filtration product that screws onto a standard plastic water bottle. The company launched its first digital marketing campaign in support of the MINI and asked LEAN Channel Management to help Sawyer amp up the product’s presence on Amazon. LEAN recommended sponsored ads, a set of advertising solutions that companies can use to drive demand for products sold at Amazon.com. These products work together to optimize an advertiser’s reach within Amazon.

Launch ads in minutes

Sawyer created and launched a Product Display Ads* campaign for the MINI, which appeared across Amazon.com and Amazon-owned and operated sites. “It took just five minutes to create an ad that got 12 million impressions in just over a month,” says Travis Avery, Vice President of Marketing for Sawyer Products.

Move to the front of the pack

The Product Display Ads worked so well that Sawyer launched a free, customizable Store and created a Sponsored Brands campaign. From the increased traffic from the Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns, Sawyer saw a lift in search relevance for the MINI (and other Sawyer products) and, ultimately, increased sales.

In fact, the month that Sawyer ran its Sponsored Brands campaign was the company’s highest-revenue month ever. “[Sponsored ads] certainly played a part in this,” Avery says. “These ads cost only about 10 cents per click but deliver a return on investment. The spend is cost-effective, and because we can test and optimize these ads, we become continuously more efficient. Using [sponsored ads], we put a product we were proud of into the hands of customers almost immediately. From there, positive customer reviews helped us fly up in the search results. When you’re down in the 10-cents-per-click price range, why would you not do this?"

*Product Display Ads audience and product targeting features are now accessed within Sponsored Display.

What they said

“Great keywords get eyeballs on the product, a great landing page gets conversions, and that drives us up in search relevance and our best seller ranking. It’s a virtuous cycle that sponsored ads support superbly.”

—Travis Avery, Vice President of Marketing, Sawyer Products


  • 16,000 detail pages views from sponsored brand Campaign
  • Best sales month ever
  • Moved to #16 from #53 in best-seller ranking