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Driving awareness and sales for the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem with Twitch and the Amazon Ads Brand Innovation Lab

Samsung Christmas gift box cover

In 2022, Samsung, one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices, wanted to activate a full-funnel campaign for their Mobile Experience division in Italy. This would be not for a single product but for the entire Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, which includes smartphones, tablets, wearables, and notebooks. With ambitious marketing goals, Samsung joined forces with the Amazon Ads team in Italy to deliver a campaign aimed at showcasing the features and advantages of the Galaxy ecosystem. Through this campaign, Samsung Italy wanted to generate awareness, build consideration, and increase sales on and off the Amazon store in Italy.

Samsung collaborated with Amazon Ads to develop a Christmas gift box campaign that included five different gift boxes, each tailored to a specific persona. These personas included parents, gamers, fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and students. Each gift box was thoughtfully curated with items that reflected the interests and needs of the recipient. For this activation, the campaign used Amazon’s audience insights, in addition to past campaign learnings, to help build the five personas, develop specific creatives for each one, and create consistent messaging that appeared across the entire customer journey.

Developing a creative strategy to promote engagement

Working closely with both Brand Innovation Lab and Twitch, Amazon Ads and Samsung Italy built a custom full-funnel campaign engaging with the five different personas and creating cross promotion and amplification between all solutions activated by Amazon Ads and Twitch, using ad products and placements like Fire TV, Amazon DSP, video ads, audio ads, Twitch audio, Twitch video, and Twitch livestream.

The Christmas gift boxes were revealed during a Twitch livestreaming event on December 19. For the livestreaming event, called Samsung Christmas Gift Box, Twitch recruited two popular Italian streamers, Komodo and Jody JDC, to host a four-hour livestream to promote the Samsung Galaxy products and features. During the livestream, the streamers interacted with the devices, which provided a live tech demo for audiences and increased brand and product awareness for the Samsung Galaxy product line.

Jody JDC

Exceeding results through a full-funnel campaign

The campaign exceeded benchmarks for reach, awareness, consideration, and sales. The campaign yielded remarkable results along the full funnel, not only generating over 125 million impressions and reaching more than 14 million unique users,1 but also driving 1.8 million visits to Samsung detail pages and generating a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 35.6.2

Amazon DSP video reached a video completion rate (VCR) of 84% and audio ads and Twitch audio, tested in Italy for the first time, reached 400K unique users with a 97% audio completion rate.3 Also, on Twitch, the VCR was noteworthy at 89%,4 indicating high engagement among viewers.

More than 60K unique users tuned in to watch the Twitch livestream, with 89K views and a cumulative total of 368K minutes watched.5

As Samsung Italy, in the same period, was running a national linear TV campaign, Amazon Ads activated Total Ad Ratings, a Nielsen program in beta, with the aim of measuring the incremental audience reached with Amazon Ads compared to Samsung’s linear TV flights. Results observed 9.3% Amazon Ads overall incremental reach,6 and 14% growth on the “light TV users” segment.7

Overall, the Samsung Italy team was excited about the results, reaching their marketing and sales goals with Amazon Ads.

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With this test, we successfully activated a communication strategy covering Samsung Galaxy’s full product lineup. Results were outstanding, both in terms of reach and engagement with the different personas, as well as in terms of sales and return on media investment. We are also analyzing specific insights, like how the different personas reacted to our campaign, to better optimize future strategies. The wide array of Amazon Ads and Twitch solutions gave us a complete digital coverage on Italian market and strategic young-adult audiences, generating 9.3% incremental reach vs. our national TV campaign.

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— Giuseppe Russo, head of channel marketing, Samsung Electronics Italy

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