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How Roicos helped Mine Stamp level up their advertising strategies to achieve growth across Europe

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Mine Stamp was founded with a simple purpose: to help people quickly and effectively mark their personal belongings. Starting with custom stamps for clothes, paper, and other surfaces, the company grew to offer personalized stickers, labels, and stamps. With their wide range of offerings, Mine Stamp gives consumers the opportunity to leave a unique touch on their items.

In December 2021, Mine Stamp turned to Roicos, an online marketing agency that has specialized in the Amazon marketplace since 2017, to build their first advertising strategy on Amazon. Together, the teams expanded Mine Stamp’s reach across Europe through the use of sponsored ads.

Embracing the online marketplace

In 2013, Mine Stamp started selling in the Amazon store in Spain, leading to a wave of positive reviews and organic growth. After eight years, the company saw an opportunity to enhance profitability through tailored advertising across other European countries.

But the world of personalized products is complex. Shoppers need to understand and complete the customization process before checking out. At the same time, Mine Stamp needed to consolidate their brand in Spain before expanding to other countries in Europe.

Using a multi-campaign strategy for retail readiness

Before launching any campaigns, Roicos optimized Mine Stamp’s entire product catalog on Amazon for retail readiness. After researching competitors, market prices, and keywords, the agency adjusted the product display pages for search engine optimization (SEO) and updated each one with eye-catching videos and images. Mine Stamp’s Store also received an attractive upgrade.

In April 2022, Roicos initiated a series of campaigns for Mine Stamp, targeting both the middle and lower parts of the sales funnel. Roicos used a multi-campaign strategy for Mine Stamp’s Sponsored Products, combining automatic and manual campaigns. They focused on stamp segmentation, brand protection, and an increase in visibility in top searches.

After identifying successful segments in Sponsored Products, Roicos implemented a strategy for Sponsored Brands in May 2023. The partner selected promising categories to drive traffic to Mine Stamp’s Store, using attractive and original creatives to connect with customers. The approach was expanded from Spain to France, Italy, the U.K., and Germany, where Mine Stamp also sells. Initially, Roicos implemented a simplified version of the strategy and intensified campaigns based on the growth of each market.

One of Mine Stamp’s most popular offerings is their customizable stamps, which families use to mark children’s names on school supplies. To take advantage of all the traffic Mine Stamp received during the peak back-to-school season, Roicos launched Sponsored Display campaigns in September 2022. These campaigns targeted users who had interacted with the brand and had shown previous interest. The strategy was particularly applied to ink-replacement products, labels, and stickers, while stamps had a low rate of retroactivity.

Growing with global goals

The collaboration between Mine Stamp and Roicos yielded better-than-expected results in Spain. Advertising sales soared by 630% in the first six months, and total sales experienced remarkable growth of 560% during the campaign from May to October 2022.1 Return on ad spend (ROAS) improved by 25%, maintaining a constant advertising cost of sales (ACOS) between 20% and 25%.2 Listing visits increased by 893%, and Mine Stamp improved their best-seller rank within their category.3

The launch of the Sponsored Brands strategy led to significant improvements, with ACOS decreasing from 73.5% to 29.7%.4 Sponsored Display campaigns contributed to a 200% ROAS growth from October to December 2022.5 Sales increased by over 1,000% from January to June 2023, while ACOS reduced by 30% due to increased investment in the display format.6

Meeting with success

Mine Stamp didn’t just meet their sales objectives; they surpassed them with outstanding results, including a 65% boost in click-through rate and a 50% ROAS increase during the peak back-to-school season from June to September.7 After they launched strategic campaigns tailored for their customizable stamps, product sales increased by 180% from 2022 to 2023.8

Building on this success, Mine Stamp wants to continue their global expansion in 2023. The team plans to start selling in the United StatesU.S., Canada, and Mexico while exploring potential opportunities in Poland and the Netherlands. With the help of Roicos, Mine Stamp is ready to take advantage of their Amazon presence to help solidify their standing as an internationally prominent brand.

quoteUpThanks to Roicos and Amazon Ads, what we’ve experienced has been phenomenal. Our sales have increased progressively month by month, helping us obtain substantial growth.quoteDown
— Paco Narváez, founding partner, Mine Stamp

1-3 Source: Roicos, Spain, 2023.