Racold exceeds its goals using sponsored ads

Racold, a part of the Ariston Thermo group, is one of India's most trusted water heater brands. The brand is synonymous with breakthrough innovation and is known for being customer-centric.

The objective

Racold had strong off-line brand recognition, earned due to their longevity over generations. However, they had yet to achieve a strong online presence and were looking to find an effective solution.

The solution

India is home to 23 major languages and multiple dialects. English, more often than not, is not the primary language for most people. Racold discovered that a significant portion of their potential customers were misspelling the word "Geyser" based on their pronunciation of it. Leveraging this insight, Racold created sponsored ads campaigns targeting various transliterations of the word "Geyser," such as "Gijar," "Geezar," "Geezara," and more. This enabled them to focus on a niche keyword volume that was not being targeted by its competitors. The misspelt keywords were also included as meta tags in Racold’s product listings to ensure long-term gains.

The result

In just one quarter, Racold targeted 3.5MM searches from a total of 526 misspelt keywords. The sponsored ads campaigns contributed 51% of sales and delivered 16x ROAS (return on ad spend) over the previous quarter.


With Amazon Ads, Racold saw a surge in their sales.

  • 10MM ad views over the quarter
  • 51% of sales attributed to sponsored ads campaigns
  • 16x ROAS (eturn on advertising spend) in comparison to the previous quarter

What they said

"Racold is a brand synonymous with breakthrough innovation. We never stop listening to our customers. With sponsored ads, we were able to develop a deep understanding of consumer behavior. This insight has enabled the brand to reach new heights."

Prashant Dhar, VP Marketing, Ariston Thermo Pvt. Ltd.