How Quest Nutrition reached unique and relevant audiences at scale with OTT

Quest Nutrition has always had a deep and loyal base of followers; however, they wanted to create new fans—to do this, they looked to OTT (over-the-top). Quest Nutrition began using Amazon Advertising OTT ads to drive awareness for their brand at scale while still reaching relevant audiences, using Amazon’s first-party audience insights and measurement tools.

With Amazon Advertising, we get reach, we get insights, but most importantly, we get measurement tools so that we can actually see that our advertising is working.– Suzanne Ginestro, Chief Marketing Officer, Quest Nutrition

OTT has been an integral part of driving brand awareness and growing Quest Nutrition’s audience. During its OTT campaign, branded shopping queries were up 8.5x and product detail page views increased by 49% compared to the previous month.

Watch the video below to hear more about Quest Nutrition and how the brand reached unique and relevant audiences at scale with the help of OTT.

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