Amazon Marketing Stream (beta) helps Quartile enable intraday campaign optimization

Quartile is a solution provider that offers a proprietary technology tool that helps advertisers automate and optimize Amazon Ads campaigns.

Driving deeper campaign optimizations

As advertising becomes increasingly sophisticated, Quartile looked for a solution to help their clients drive deeper campaign optimizations, respond quickly to campaign changes, and increase operational efficiency.

Introducing a new measurement solution

To help inform more detailed campaign optimizations, Quartile uses Amazon Marketing Stream (beta), a new Amazon Ads push-based reporting and messaging solution. With Amazon Marketing Stream, traffic and conversion metrics are summarized hourly and pushed directly to advertisers’ Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts.

Access to hourly performance metrics helps Quartile surface insights to update advertiser campaigns more frequently. Quartile was able to make campaign adjustments programmatically in response to performance changes throughout the day, helping them improve campaign efficiency. Additionally, Amazon Marketing Stream enables deeper campaign analysis with access to more detailed metrics. It provides cross-dimensional performance metrics such as placements at an hourly cadence, enabling new insights that have not historically been available through information from the Amazon Ads console or Amazon Ads API reporting.

For example, Quartile uses Amazon Marketing Stream as a tool to help measure their clients' hourly conversion rates, impressions, or click-through rates broken out by ad placement—such as top of search or on product detail pages. With this combination, Quartile is able to surface insights that help inform deeper campaign optimizations for its clients.

“Amazon Marketing Stream has helped us to understand how conversion rates for specific products and subcategories fluctuate by time of day, allowing us to increase bids and budget by hour of day to match customers’ buying signals and patterns. By utilizing Amazon Marketing Stream to inform our hourly bidding adjustments, we’ve seen an average increase in conversion rate of 15%, and a reduction in ACOS (advertising cost of sales) of 10% across our customer base.”

— Daniel Knijnik, CEO, Quartile

Analyzing the impact

Quartile ran a test with a test group of 159 clients who implemented the Amazon Marketing Stream optimization model into their advertising campaigns, comparing this test group to a control group of 58 clients who did not leverage this optimization model. The test period began June 2, 2021, and concluded on September 21, 2021.

During this test period, Quartile observed the following performance impacts to the campaigns of the 159 clients in the test group who implemented the Amazon Marketing Stream optimization model into their advertising campaigns, compared to the 58 clients in the control group that did not:

  • A 30.6% increase in clicks across such clients’ Amazon Ads campaigns;
  • A 45.6% increase in sales across such clients’ Amazon Ads campaigns; and
  • A 5.7% increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) across such clients’ Amazon Ads campaigns.1

“Quartile helps us automate optimization based on detailed conversion metrics. We’re able to continuously drive growth while adapting to new products and situations. Updating to an hourly bidding model through Amazon Marketing Stream has helped us improve our margins in the Amazon store by 18% across our brands."

— Brandon Fishman, CEO, Vitacup

1 Data was directly provided by each of the 159 Quartile clients that participated in the study, US, 2022. The study measured the performance impact on the advertising campaigns of a test group (159 advertisers) who used Quartile’s Amazon Marketing Stream optimization model, vs a control group (58 advertisers) who did not use Quartile’s Amazon Marketing Stream optimization model, comparing each groups’ Sponsored Products campaign performance from June 2 to September 21, 2021.