Toy brand PlayShifu drives holiday sales with Sponsored Brands video

Reaching toy shoppers during the holiday season

Founded in 2016, PlayShifu is an augmented reality (AR) toy company that helps kids build foundational STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics) skills with their immersive, educational toys. PlayShifu wanted to reach new audiences and accelerate their growth heading into the 2019 holiday season. To help achieve these goals, they looked to Amazon Ads for new ways to educate consumers about their products and stand out from other toy brands.

Driving consideration with Sponsored Brands video

PlayShifu included Sponsored Brands video in their holiday shopping season strategy. They created multiple campaigns, broken out by objective and product, tested video creatives and keyword strategies—focusing the majority of their budget on high-volume category keywords such as “boys toys” and “girls gifts," as well as more specific terms like “STEM toys."

Accelerating sales growth

As a result of this strategy, new audiences were introduced to the brand and its products, sales attributed to Sponsored Brands video accounted for over 23% of total revenue during this time period, and product sales during this period increased by nearly 4x year over year.

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quoteUpUnlike many traditional toys, we have the additional challenge of educating potential customers on the nature of our unique products. With Sponsored Brands video ads, we are able to grab the attention of shoppers and convey what our products are in far less time than if they were to see a traditional ad and click over to our detail pages. Sponsored Brands video has had a big impact on our brand and has certainly been a great driver in sales and, most importantly, increased brand awareness on Amazon.quoteDown
– Srikkanth J, Sr. Digital Marketing Manager, PlayShifu