Case Study

B2MarketPlace helps Philips Water Solutions expand sales across Europe with a full-funnel strategy

Philips Water solutions on counter

Philips, a water solutions company, believes that through innovative products and technology, there’s always a way to make life better. That belief is consistent across the entire business, and improving people’s lives through meaningful innovation is the top priority.

Philips launched their water solutions division in 2020 to provide consumers with healthy, sustainable products for all their water needs both at home and on the go, offering water purifiers, water dispensers, electric bidets, and more. They started selling and advertising on Amazon right away and wanted to expand their presence in the European market as quickly as possible.

Philips decided to work with full-service advertising partner B2MarketPlace, which has served more than 100 companies since 2017, to speed up their expansion. Philips wanted to work with an experienced partner to meet their ambitious campaign goals: achieving growth in five European countries on a limited budget, maintaining an efficient advertising cost of sales (ACOS), and increasing market share by over 45%.

Creating a full-funnel marketing strategy for Philips Water Solutions

To achieve the primary campaign goal of expanding the Philips presence in Europe, B2MarketPlace helped Philips create a full-funnel marketing strategy that helped reach shoppers at different stages of their purchase journey. After previous success with a similar strategy for Philips in Spain, B2MarketPlace decided to use the same strategy for four targeted countries in Europe— France, Germany, Italy, and the U.K.—at the same time. They used a combination of Sponsored Display, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Brands—cost-per-click ad types that promote products and brands across Amazon—for each stage of the funnel.

At the top of the funnel, the focus was on reaching in-market audiences by placing ads on competitors’ product detail pages. For mid-funnel marketing, they shifted the focus to gaining impressions, using broad keywords and directing traffic to Philips’ Store to increase cross-selling opportunities. At the bottom of the funnel, they prioritized more specific keywords and search terms using their own smart bidding solution, B2ROY, to help maximize return on ad spend. Finally, they implemented retargeting campaigns for shoppers who had previously visited the brand’s product pages.

quoteUpThe goal was to achieve growth across Europe, and we can say we made it, thanks to a thoughtful marketing mix approach from the brand, plus the expertise and technology put in place by B2MarketPlace.quoteDown
— Rafael Gómez, project manager team leader, B2MarketPlace

Increasing sales and exceeding campaign goals for Philips Water Solutions

B2MarketPlace and Philips tracked the performance of each product, focusing on metrics such as ACOS, orders, and conversion rate to filter out the best-performing products and direct customers to the lower segments of the marketing funnel. Throughout the campaign, they made adjustments to short-tail and long-tail keywords to further refine their audiences. Each country had different best-performing products, so they adapted the strategy by location to keep the ACOS low.

By employing and fine-tuning their full-funnel strategy, Philips increased orders in the targeted locations by 250% and sales by 280% compared to the previous year.1 In addition, they beat sales targets in all five countries and kept the ACOS under 12%.2 Overall, this campaign helped Philips establish themselves in a new category that was dominated by a competitor for years. Philips attributed their success to the effective marketing strategy they employed as well as their strong relationship with B2MarketPlace.

“Building strong relationships with partners, such as agencies or consultants, involves transparent goal-setting, regular updates, and a willingness to adapt strategies based on data-driven insights, says Matej Fedorisin, a sales and marketing manager at Philips Water Solutions. Fedorisin adds, “A successful partnership relies on both parties sharing knowledge, expertise, and a commitment to achieving mutual goals within the dynamic landscape of Amazon Ads.”

1-2 Source: B2Marketplace, Spain, 2023.