Learn why retail agency, OneStone, incorporates Sponsored Brands video into their advertising strategies

Parent company Zeal Concept, Inc. was looking for a full-service agency to help grow their stationery and office basics brand PAPERAGE in the Amazon store. In June 2021, they looked to OneStone to provide the expertise needed to manage their sponsored ads strategy and help reach and engage with new audiences across their product portfolio in the Amazon store.

PAPERAGE aimed to work with an agency to generate an advertising strategy that helped increase revenue at a higher return on investment (ROI).

A “better together” approach

When building the sponsored ads campaign strategy for PAPERAGE, OneStone focused on a “better together” approach, utilizing multiple types of sponsored ads and ad formats to engage shoppers at every stage in their shopping journey. The ad products used were Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Brands video, Stores, and Sponsored Display. OneStone also collaborated with tool provider, Pacvue, for their enhanced API metrics.

One approach OneStone took was utilizing the best performing keywords from PAPERAGE’s Sponsored Products campaigns, and reusing them in their keyword targeting strategy for Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video. After optimizing Sponsored Products manual and automatic campaigns, OneStone was able to not only improve advertising cost of sales (ACOS) but also use top-performing keywords in Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Brands video campaigns, helping to increase efficiency.

When building Sponsored Brands campaigns, OneStone linked PAPERAGE’s Store to their Sponsored Brands campaign—instead of linking to a product detail page—which was a great way to allow shoppers to discover PAPERAGE’s brand, learn about their mission, and explore the entire PAPERAGE product catalogue.

Lastly, OneStone ensured that PAPERAGE’s products were retail ready. This included updating content on product detail pages, like including at least three product description bullets points and product imagery. Featuring high-quality images helped educate shoppers on important details and features of PAPERAGE’s products. A third element of retail readiness that OneStone managed was inventory levels; this allowed OneStone to know that the products advertised had healthy stock levels.

colorful notebooks advertisement

Increasing conversions

After introducing a sponsored ads strategy, OneStone helped decrease PAPERAGE’s advertising cost of sale (ACOS) by 13% in 6 months.1 Additionally, once OneStone executed their Sponsored Brands video campaign from October 2021 to March 2022, PAPERAGE saw a 4x click-through rate and a 62% higher conversion rate than other static image sponsored ads formats and products over that period of time.2

“Sponsored Brands video provides an engaging, highly converting ad type at a cost per click comparable to Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. It is now our best practice to incorporate Sponsored Brands video into our clients’ sponsored ads strategy.”
— Anna Bever, Director of Advertising at OneStone

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1-2 Advertiser-provided data, United States, 2022