Sound sleep: How Amazon DSP helped Pampers increase awareness for its new night diapers in the United Arab Emirates

When Procter & Gamble was launching its new Pampers Premium Care Night Diapers in early 2021, the brand wanted to find the best way to introduce this product to customers.

The Pampers team had two goals: they wanted to raise awareness and consideration of the Pampers Premium Care Night Diapers with audiences in the UAE. Pampers wanted to reach Amazon’s in-market shopper audiences and educate them on Pampers Night Diapers’ features. In addition, the brand wanted to better understand how Amazon DSP could help drive awareness for its newest product. Based on these goals, they worked with Amazon Ads and Starcom to develop a campaign that ran from January 1, 2021 to March 31, 2021.

Driving awareness was especially important for Pampers because Pampers Premium Care Night Diapers was a new entry into the night diapers category.

“Pampers Night Diapers was not only a new launch, but the first of its kind within the baby care category in Gulf and KSA (Saudi Arabia). Hence, building awareness and education from the ground up was crucial to driving trial and conversion on the new initiative,” said Lara Akkad, Senior Brand Manager of Pampers.

Considering the shift in consumers’ shopping behaviors in the past two years, with more shoppers in the Middle East and North African region using online resources to purchase consumer goods, Pampers wanted to ensure they were connecting with audiences in the places they were already shopping.

“Our primary objective was to be where our consumers were,” Akkad said.

Meeting audiences on their shopping and entertainment journeys

Working with Amazon Ads, Pampers was able to reach an audience of parents looking for baby products like diapers and other related products. Using Amazon DSP, Pampers ran video and display ads reach customers wherever they spend time. In addition, Amazon Ads, working with Nielsen, conducted a Digital Brand Effect study to measure how well the Amazon campaign drove awareness of the new night diapers product, expanding on traditional metrics like click-through rate (CTR), reach, and video completion rate (VCR).

The results exceeded expectations. The campaign delivered more than 40% unique reach with a CTR 6.2X higher than the baby category benchmark.1 This demonstrated the campaign’s success in driving engagement to the brand store. The Amazon Ads and Nielsen study recorded an awareness lift of 39.90%, which was 5.18X higher than the benchmark.2

Not only was Pampers able to successfully launch a new product in the UAE, they were also able to connect with audiences where they were in order to drive awareness for their new product. Consumer goods brands looking to increase awareness of their brands or products may want to consider using Amazon DSP, display ads, and video ads in order to connect with relevant audiences too.

Pampers Premium Care Night Diapers video ad

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2 Amazon Ads & Nielsen benchmark survey, UAE, 2021