Amazon sponsored ads facilitate strong performance for smartphone company

OnePlus garnered strong results for new product launches on Amazon.

OnePlus has become a reputed name in the smartphone industry. To strengthen their presence on Amazon and increase conversions for their products, they leveraged the entire suite of sponsored ads with great results. Amazon Ads helped OnePlus to achieve their core digital marketing objectives of increasing product awareness, reaching quality and relevant shoppers, and increasing sales.

Amplification during high-traffic events

OnePlus leveraged Amazon’s high-traffic events, like Amazon Great Indian Sale, category promotion events, and brand days to maximize reach via high SOV (share of voice) and greater home page visibility.

Sponsored ads helped OnePlus garner more than 4.8MM page views on a single day.

Always-on advertising

OnePlus drove maximum consideration on regular days with an always-on advertising presence, reaching customers who were looking to buy high-performance smartphones. They used both branded and generic keywords in Sponsored Brands to help engage and convert the widest audience.

*Product Display Ads audience and product targeting features are now accessed within Sponsored Display.


With Amazon sponsored ads, more customers viewed, researched, considered, and purchased OnePlus.

  • Campaign received 4.8 Million detail page views on a single day.
  • OnePlus ads achieved 100% SOV (share of voice) on important high-traffic event days.
  • Campaign had an ROI (return on investment) of 178x.

Sponsored ads offerings

  • Sponsored Products can help a brand promote its individual products.
  • Sponsored Brands can promote a brand and range of products in prominent placements on search results pages.
  • Product Display Ads* can help a brand to target shoppers based on interest. Also, brands can target other product categories, helping support upselling and cross-selling objectives.