Kitchenware manufacturer hires performance marketing agency to expand international business

For the last 40 years, Italian manufacturer Omada Design has created a range of high-quality plastic housewares, like storage jars, trays, and antibacterial bowls and plates. Designed and made in Italy, Omada’s products are developed with quality, durability, and originality.

The goal

In March 2019, Omada partnered with MOCA Interactive, a performance marketing agency based in Italy, to help increase sales with a lower ACOS (advertising cost of sales) and expand into additional European marketplaces to uncover new sales opportunities.

The solution

MOCA Interactive devised a multiphase strategy where it first launched Sponsored Products campaigns in Italy, Omada’s main marketplace, before launching in new marketplaces.

MOCA Interactive chose Sponsored Products to see which ads and search terms drove the highest conversions and ROAS (return on ad spend). The team began with higher bids in order drive visibility on the search results page, reviewing which keywords to prioritize for higher bids and which ones to either lower or match against the recommended bid. By leveraging product metrics such as sessions, Featured Offer percentage, and conversion rate, MOCA Interactive was able to optimize each campaign on a weekly basis. After the success of the campaign on, MOCA Interactive moved to the next phase of its strategy: determining which products to test in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Spain.

Ahead of each launch in the additional European marketplaces, MOCA Interactive not only sourced relevant keywords for each product, but also researched each marketplace to better understand the region’s shopping habits and product demand. Creating an organized account structure helped the team make changes across each marketplace without impacting campaign performance. MOCA Interactive was also able to scale quickly by using automatic targeting campaigns, which allows Amazon to automatically display ads to relevant customers. Running automatic campaigns allowed MOCA Interactive to monitor performance and collect insights, such as new keywords in local languages, which were then applied to future campaigns. By adopting a multiphase strategy, Omada was able to accelerate sales and grow its international business.

quoteUpBased on the success we saw in Italy, we knew expanding into additional marketplaces made sense in order to reach a new customer base, grow product visibility, and drive sales. With automatic targeting, we were able to easily replicate our campaign structure and product catalog into the new European marketplaces.quoteDown
– Alvise Corba, Digital Advertising Specialist, MOCA Interactive


As of October 2019, Omada’s campaigns on generated over 60MM impressions and saw 10x sales attributed to advertising compared to the previous year. Across the rest of Europe, Omada has generated success. For example, in the UK, product sales on average, quadrupled each month since March 2019. Satisfied with the results, Omada and MOCA Interactive plan to test and conduct similar campaigns using Sponsored Brands and Stores to drive brand awareness in the additional marketplaces moving forward.

When launching in new marketplaces, MOCA Interactive recommends:

  1. Using automatic targeting campaigns to help identify new keywords in local languages. You can then use these findings to refine your keyword research and understand how customers are engaging with your products locally.
  2. Being thoughtful when organizing and structuring your campaigns. Consider organizing by ad type, product type, and targeting type when setting up your campaigns. This will impact how efficiently you can replicate campaigns in new marketplaces and how to make changes without impacting in-flight campaigns’ performance.
  3. Testing and learning in your main marketplace to gather initial insights and findings before you expand into new countries.
quoteUpAmazon Ads has enhanced our ability to scale and reach new marketplaces in a valuable way. Amazon continues to be an important channel for us to advertise on. It’s become so important that Amazon Ads is a core part of our company’s digital marketing tactics.quoteDown
– Alessio Adamo, Founder, Omada