Case Study

NIVEA sees massive success with their Prime Day sponsorship campaign in the UAE and Saudi Arabia

NIVEA prime day


  • Reach new-to-brand customers
  • Increase brand reach and engagment
  • Increase product consideration and sales


  • NIVEA collaborated with Amazon Ads to sponsor Amazon’s Prime Day in UAE and KSA.
  • The beauty brand solved customer pain points by creating skin care bundles with special limited time offers.
  • The campaign featured NIVEA prominently across a multitude of channels, including offline and online, to help maximise reach.


  • 173 million+ impressions on the Amazon Homepage
  • New to brand sales increased by 417% (KSA) and 818% (UAE)
  • Brand searches increased by 296% (KSA) and a 477% (UAE), highest ever for the NIVEA brand.

NIVEA collaborated with Amazon Ads to become the first beauty brand globally to sponsor Prime Day in United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

Prime Day, with its reputation for speed and convenience, was an ideal collaborator for NIVEA’s a campaign. While skin care routines are often perceived as time-consuming, expensive, and cumbersome, Amazon Prime is known for its efficiency and ease of use. This strategic alignment not only capitalized on the logistical strengths of Amazon Prime but also underscored NIVEA’s commitment to providing accessible, convenient, and affordable skin care solutions to a broad audience. Through Skin Care, Delivered, NIVEA embarked on a mission to simplify skin care, ensuring that quality routines were within easy reach for everyone, making the campaign and Prime Day a perfect match.

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The campaign featured NIVEA prominently across a multitude of channels, including outdoor advertising, radio, email, push notifications, and online ads through Amazon DSP and sponsored ads, as well as hero placements such as Amazon’s event pages. This comprehensive strategy ensured that NIVEA became a top-of-mind brand during Amazon’s biggest online sales events.

What was the outcome?

Massive reach and engagement: The campaign generated 173 million impressions on the Amazon homepage and secured more than 12 million clicks on Prime Day display and video campaigns featuring NIVEA.1 This vast reach was further amplified by 1,230 out-of-home advertising spots and 975 radio spots, indicating a broad and multichannel approach to reaching customers.

Record-breaking Brand Store visits and views: NIVEA’s Brand Store on Amazon saw 82.4 million views during the campaign, marking a 1,130% increase over average daily views.2 This significant spike in interest underscores the effectiveness of Prime Day and the campaign to drive potential customers to explore NIVEA products.

Surge in brand searches: The campaign period witnessed the highest search volume ever for the NIVEA brand, with a 296% increase in branded searches in Saudi Arabia and a 477% increase in UAE, pointing to a heightened brand awareness and interest among consumers.3

Increase in new-to-brand sales: New-to-brand sales soared, with a 417% increase in Saudi Arabia and an 818% increase in UAE compared to the average of the trailing 12 months, indicating the campaign's effectiveness in attracting and converting new customers.4

1-4 Amazon internal data, UAE, KSA, 2023