Case Study

Flywheel Digital helps a consumer electronics brand exceed KPI goals and reach new-to-brand customers with Sponsored Display

laptop and headphones on a table

When a consumer electronics brand that had been in business for more than 50 years needed new strategies to reach new-to-brand (NTB) customers in the Amazon store, Flywheel Digital proved to be a knowledgeable partner.

Specializing in sponsored ads, display advertising, attribution, incrementality modeling, and forecasting, Flywheel Digital is an agency with a key focus on using Amazon Ads products and solutions to create strategies that can help brand growth and improve sales. Starting in 2021, Flywheel Digital worked with a consumer electronics brand, with the goal to help them drive incremental revenue at the most efficient cost possible. Additionally, the brand needed Flywheel Digital to develop a strategy that worked in harmony with their existing direct-to-consumer (DTC) sales and other retail channels. The brand wanted to focus on sales from NTB customers, with the objective of a profitable return on ad spend (ROAS) of $3 in the headphone and speaker space.

Contextual opportunity

The period of October to December 2021, a season full of sales events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, provided Flywheel Digital with space to test and learn with new strategies for the consumer electronics brand.

During the very busy holiday season, Flywheel Digital opted to focus on Sponsored Display and their contextual targeting tactic, allowing for ad placements on specific product detail pages and in category “aisles.” After manually curating a list of the most popular similar product detail pages from other brands within their client’s category, Flywheel Digital had set their contextual targeting campaign strategy.

"We strategically aligned our brand ASINs to the contextually targeted ASINs, ensuring that our offering had a compelling price or rating/review count. We intentionally selected products from our client that were at a similar price point to the product detail pages we were bidding on, in order to offer a great alternative option for shoppers."

— Cara Henning, Senior media manager, Flywheel Digital

Reaching new customers

Against a target ROAS of $3, Flywheel Digital helped the consumer electronics brand to achieve an average ROAS of $5.80 in their Sponsored Display campaigns from October to December 2021, exceeding the brand’s goal by 93%.1 Additionally, 97% of ad-attributed sales driven by Sponsored Display were from NTB audiences during the analyzed period, helping this consumer electronics client significantly increase their reach to new audiences.2

"Following the test period [October to December 2021], we have continued to use Sponsored Display as a strategy to help grow the brand in the Amazon store. We continuously refresh the ASINs across top category terms, to update the list of products we are targeting. We have also used [contextual targeting] to try and reach customers with other similar product offerings the brand has by our client’s brand’s own product detail pages. We feature new product launches to encourage trial among shoppers already loyal to the brand. This helps ramp up the new ASINs in terms of click- and sell-through, resulting in stronger retail readiness."

— Cara Henning, Senior media manager, Flywheel Digital

1-2 Source: Flywheel Digital, Unites States, 2022.