Case Study

Neutrogena used Amazon DSP and display ads to increase sales for their Hydro Boost range in India

Hand holding a Neutrogena Hydro Boost product

Neutrogena, a skin care brand owned by Johnson & Johnson, wanted to try and grow their sales for the Hydro Boost product range in India. The brand and its agency, Interactive Avenues, worked with Amazon Ads to build a full-funnel strategy using Amazon DSP that supplemented their existing campaign’s run on sponsored ads products.

Full-funnel activation using Amazon DSP and display ads

The brand leveraged Amazon DSP to help drive awareness for the product range. The creative used was a 15-second in-stream video that was shown to audiences on popular streaming websites and other third-party sites. For the campaign, the brand utilized Amazon’s audience solutions to reach out to evolved beauty consumers, and feminine hygiene consumers. The creative would lead the audiences to the Hydro Boost section on the Neutrogena brand Store.

To drive consideration, the brand used Amazon DSP with a mix of 15-second in-stream video and static creatives across third-party and streaming websites. The brand reached out to audiences who included purchasers of relevant peer brands, purchasers of gel-based products, and purchasers of face creams in the consideration phase. The audiences were led to the product detail page of best-selling Hydro Boost products.

The brand also ran display ad campaigns on Amazon with static creatives to help drive conversion. This campaign was aimed at reaching the brand-aware audience—those who had browsed or purchased Neutrogena products, excluding recent purchasers. The audiences in this campaign were led to the Hydro Boost section on the Neutrogena brand Store.

“To successfully sustain an always-on, full-funnel marketing campaign, we lean on Amazon DSP to help drive consideration by reaching out to relevant high-value audiences for Neutrogena. Its end-to-end planning, robust audience insights, measurement, and agile capabilities make Amazon DSP an integral tool for full-funnel activation.”

— Maria Fernando, Associate Director, Interactive Avenues

Driving results across the board

The creatives used in the awareness phase achieved an 85% video completion rate and INR 0.18 cost-per-video completion, which were ~10% and ~40% better than the category benchmarks, respectively.2

The creatives used in the consideration phase achieved an 82% video completion rate and INR 0.08 cost-per-video completion.3 The cost-per-video completion was 75% better than the category benchmarks.4

The campaign to drive conversions had a return on ad spend (ROAS) of 4.8 with a conversion rate of 9.8%.5

After running this full-funnel campaign, the brand observed a 50% increase in the product detail page views for the Hydro Boost product range, which further led to help contribute to a 25% increase in product sales in the months following the campaign.6 The overall customers for the brand also increased by 22%.7

“Collaborating with Amazon for the full-funnel activation has significantly helped the Hydro Boost range increase its total new-to-brand consumers. Along with positive results, the activation also helped us understand the audiences that are most relevant for new customer acquisition. We have seen a constant increase in our new-to-brand consumers after the campaign as well.”

— Peeyush Unikkat, Senior E-commerce Shopper Marketing Manager

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