Case study

Nespresso spotlights company values and connects with shoppers through Brand Stores


Nespresso, known for their exquisite coffee, innovative capsule-based brewing system, and commitment to sustainability, has captured the hearts of coffee enthusiasts worldwide. In an ever-evolving industry, Nespresso is always seeking new and creative ways to stand out and connect with shoppers.

The brand has been leveraging self-service Amazon Ads solutions like Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Brand Stores since 2015 to cultivate deeper connections with customers.

The challenge: Connecting with customers while bringing brand values to life

Nespresso wanted to design a destination for shoppers that helped create a tangible experience of their brand vision and products. That’s what inspired them to create the Nespresso Brand Store.

Nespresso’s goal when designing their Amazon storefront was to not only increase visibility for the entire line of Nespresso products, but also to emphasize the brand’s dedication to sustainability. Customers could explore how to recycle Nespresso products and learn more about the company’s sustainable practices through the Brand Store. This carefully curated brand destination helped Nespresso gain customer trust.

“The Nespresso Brand Store is a place for Amazon shoppers to browse and shop our assortment of coffee and espresso, as well as our machines. Our customers get the chance to experience the Nespresso brand identity and navigate through pages in our Brand Store, such as recycling and sustainability to learn more about the values of the Nespresso brand,” said Desireé dePierro, category analyst at Nespresso. “In addition, our goal is to give our customers confidence that they are purchasing authorized Nespresso coffee to experience unforgettable taste in every cup.”

The strategy: Unlocking the power of Brand Stores

Strategies that have worked well for Nespresso include carefully curating their content to ensure a consistent brand experience for Brand Store visitors. Their lifestyle images, videos, and content are meticulously crafted to reflect Nespresso’s commitment to quality and sustainability.

“It’s important to always have high-quality brand content to showcase our products in the best way possible so customers have the best experience,” dePierro said.

Nespresso also treats their Brand Store as a landing page, driving traffic from their Sponsored Brands ad campaigns and Posts to their storefront. By doing so, they’re able to showcase all things Nespresso in a singular destination.

“The biggest value of Brand Stores is that shoppers can access a brand’s full product line and learn more about the brand, all in one place,” said dePierro.

By activating across various Amazon Ads solutions, Nespresso prioritizes brand consistency to help customers easily recognize the brand. Their messaging, imagery, and tone of voice remain consistent across Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, Sponsored Display, and Brand Stores. This helps reinforce Nespresso’s identity and strengthens their position as a premium coffee brand. Customers are presented with a unified brand experience, building trust and loyalty.

Nespresso also keeps their storefront dynamic by updating it frequently to help drive visibility and engagement for their products, especially ahead of key shopping events and product launches. “We update our Brand Store depending on seasonal changes or product launches. The schedule will adjust based on business needs,” said dePierro.

The brand also leverages the in-built tools like shoppable images and product tiles. They capture shoppers’ attention and inspire them to purchase through shoppable images that show products in action and in realistic contexts.

“We love using lifestyle images in our storefront to make it look and feel like Nespresso. They help customers see what our product will look like outside of the stock product images,” said dePierro.

Nespresso coffee and coffee machine on counter

Nespresso coffee and coffee machine on counter

Advice from Nespresso: Focus on brand building

Nespresso’s use of Brand Stores shows how building a destination for customers can help foster loyalty and growth. Their storefront has played a central role in shining a spotlight on the brand. In 2023, Brand Store views increased by 21% compared to the previous year.1

After using this self-service ad solution, Nespresso gathered key learnings to share with other brands and marketers looking to grow on Amazon.

“Make sure your storefront reflects your brand identity and the products you sell for the best customer experience,” said dePierro. “We’ll create Amazon-specific content based on our product collections and always ensure it matches the Nespresso brand guidelines.”

1Advertiser-provided data, US, 2023. Results are reflective of campaigns for one advertiser, Nespresso, and are not indicative of future outcomes.