Case Study

Nanit and LSM Global help increase sales by reaching new audiences with an omnichannel strategy

father holding baby boy in hands

Ask the average parent of a newborn about rest, and you’re likely to hear that they aren’t getting much of it—but they are paying close attention to when and how their baby sleeps. Nanit offers a range of consumer electronics products to help families monitor and track the health and growth of their babies, including vision-tracking cameras, breathing monitors, smart sheets, and more.

With preexisting Stores in the US and Canada, Nanit launched in the UK in January 2020. The following month, Nanit began their UK partnership with LSM Global, a sales and marketing agency focusing on growth-based strategies for vendors and sellers in the Amazon store.

In mid-2021, Nanit tasked LSM Global with relaunching and improving their brand presence in the Amazon store in the UK, with key performance indicators (KPIs) focusing on glance views (page hits), sales growth, new-to-brand (NTB) customer percentage, and a range of digital advertising metrics such as ad impressions, ad clicks, and detail page view rate (DPVR).

Nanit’s consumer research suggested that general awareness of their product offerings among customer audiences looking for similar products was low. LSM Global took this research into consideration from the beginning, working with Nanit to optimize their product detail pages for retail readiness. New content for product detail pages and the Store focused on the premium and exclusive features from Nanit’s products.

Amazon Best Sellers Nanit Pro Smart

Image taken during campaign flight: May 2022

Omnichannel strategy

LSM Global developed an omnichannel strategy for Nanit, focusing on Amazon Ads solutions and campaigns to help reach audiences at different touchpoints across the shopping journey.

Most broadly, LSM Global used Amazon DSP for media buys to help increase Nanit’s awareness and consideration among potential customer audiences. LSM Global used the Amazon DSP interoperability with advertiser-sourced audiences to incorporate insights from Nanit’s website and app audiences, alongside insights from testing campaigns on Amazon DSP. With these measurements and insights, LSM Global could consistently iterate on media reach and narrow down Amazon demographic audiences to those who they thought were most likely to engage.

LSM Global complemented their Amazon DSP media buys with Sponsored Display campaigns, taking advantage of the latter’s cost-per-click (CPC) and viewable cost-per-thousand impressions (vCPM) bidding and optimization options. With these outcome-optimized Sponsored Display campaigns, LSM Global was able to reach additional new audiences and gather insights to help them with their Amazon DSP media buy strategy.

quoteUp“Sponsored Display combined with Amazon DSP has contributed to the success we’ve seen in growing glance views. A combination of the two tools allows us to test, analyze, and adapt strategies as well as cover more areas faster than either could offer alone.”quoteDown
— Chris Brook, director of e-commerce, LSM Global

Further along the shopping journey, Sponsored Brands was a great tool for helping to increase consideration of Nanit’s set of product offerings. LSM Global also activated Sponsored Brands video campaigns, to help differentiate Nanit’s Sponsored Brands ads with an engaging branded video experience.

Having strategized across the awareness and consideration stages of the shopping journey with Amazon DSP, Sponsored Display, and Sponsored Brands, LSM Global drove the bulk of Nanit’s ad-attributed sales with Sponsored Products. For Sponsored Products campaigns, LSM Global focused on keywords to complement other omnichannel strategies, to reach audiences as they were moving from consideration toward purchase.

New customers, greater sales

During the case study period of April and May 2021, LSM Global exceeded a number of KPI goals from Nanit. LSM Global helped nearly double Nanit’s glance views goal, seeing a 131% year-over-year (YoY) increase against a goal of 75%.1The agency surpassed 2x delivery with ordered revenue during the same time period, seeing an 84% increase compared to a 40% goal.2 And a 7% YoY increase in new-to-brand (NTB) percentage of customers delivered even further, against a 2% goal.3

“Amazon Ads offers a great selection of tools for advertisers of any size,” says Chris Brook, director of e-commerce with LSM Global. Brook adds that consistent communication with Nanit was critical: “Regular strategy calls were set up. We also arranged for an overview of the campaigns during in-person meetings shortly before launch to allay any further concerns of thoughts.”

quoteUp“An advertising partner needs to be able to develop a clear strategy, define key drivers and KPIs, navigate within your category, and be deeply connected with the Amazon Ads team. LSM Global is that partner for Nanit!”quoteDown
— Joanne Robejsek, international sales manager, Nanit

1-3 Source: LSM Global, United Kingdom, 2023.