Case Study

MYTREX builds their brand on Amazon with an ad product strategy designed to help reach new customers

Mytrex products

MYTREX is a Japanese health and beauty brand with a distinct line of products that blend wellness and tech. The company aims to “make your habits healthy” by helping customers integrate self-care into their everyday routine. The company has been actively selling on Amazon since their launch in 2017, and soon began using Amazon Ads solutions.

Setting goals to stand out

Today’s shoppers have a vast selection of health and beauty products to choose from, and MYTREX understood the importance of building brand awareness to help stand out and reach their desired customers. The brand launched their first advertising campaigns just a few months after they began selling on Amazon. The company’s advertising goals were threefold: expand their brand awareness, gain new customers, and successfully engage existing customers.

Building a full-funnel marketing strategy

MYTREX looked to Amazon Ads solutions to connect with customers. As a new brand, it was key to MYTREX to balance return on ad spend (ROAS) and impressions. After learning about Amazon Ads products and connecting with an Amazon Ads specialist, the brand launched their first ad campaign in January 2018.

Amazon Ads offers a wide suite of products that can help brands expand their business. MYTREX found that using multiple ad products together could help them achieve their advertising goals. Daisuke Fukushima, eCommerce and Marketing Manager said, “Using multiple ad products really helped us reach both potential customers and existing customers. In particular, we recommend combining ad products if you’re looking to reach new customers.”

The brand launched their first campaign using Sponsored Products, which are easy-to-create cost-per-click ads. Today, MYTREX uses around 60% of their advertising budget with this self-service solution, and recommends that brands use the targeting features to optimize their campaigns. With automatic targeting, brands can have their ads automatically matched to keywords and products. Another useful tool is the keyword targeting feature, which uses a brand’s keywords to match their ads with shopping terms that customers are using. MYTREX leveraged this feature to help relevant shoppers find their products and possibly make a purchase.

Additionally, the company used Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display to help build awareness of their brand on Amazon. As part of their approach, MYTREX grouped similar products into categories like “Eye care,” “Head spa,” and “Diet,” and launched multiple ad product campaigns for each category. Advertisers can easily track their results in real time and optimize their campaigns in the ad console, which Fukushima noted is “easy to operate and see results.”

By using a combination of Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display campaigns, MYTREX was able to help grow their sales. “We used a combination of ad products to help successfully reach customers throughout their shopping journey, from shopping results to product detail pages,” said Fukushima. “This meant we were able to create multiple touchpoints with customers while they shopped in each category.”

Rounding out their brand strategy, MYTREX utilized Amazon DSP, a programmatic ad solution, to help further increase awareness with audiences wherever they spend time.

Creating plans for continued growth

Following their Amazon Ads success, MYTREX increased their advertising budget by 10% to launch a new product. The company reported a 26% increase in sales between January and June 2022 year over year (YoY). During that period, they also saw their sales increase monthly YoY.1

Looking ahead, MYTREX plans to continue focusing on growing their brand presence with Sponsored Brands video format ads, which feature short, autoplaying video directly within shopping results. MYTREX underscored the benefit of incorporating video creative into their advertising strategy to showcase their products to customers.

quoteUpUsing Sponsored Brands video format ads is a reliable way of highlighting the characteristics and benefits of our products to customers. Going forward, we’ll continue to actively use video campaigns.quoteDown
— Daisuke Fukushima, eCommerce and Marketing Manager, MYTREX

With easy-to-use solutions, Amazon Ads makes creating an advertising strategy with multiple products simple. To help build your brand and reach more customers, launch a campaign with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display today.

1 Advertiser-provided data, Japan, January–June 2022