Max Life Insurance used Amazon Ads to drive quality leads

Leading life insurance company Max Life Insurance believes in securing the future of their customers. The brand believes their insurance solutions are most suitable for, family-oriented, digital payment-savvy, salaried audiences who are over 25 years old. They were working to identify relevant digital channels to reach such audiences.

In Q2 2021, Max Life and iProspect worked with Amazon Ads to conduct a survey (sample size: 1,320) to better understand Amazon audiences. They found that 44% of respondents were willing to buy term insurance online, and 34% of respondents were willing to buy term insurance in the next 3 months.

Reaching the right audiences

The Amazon Ads team recommended customized segments, including: 1) fitness enthusiasts, 2) parents/new parents, 3) tech enthusiasts, 4) health products and medicine shoppers, 5) security camera purchasers, 6) laptop purchasers, and 7) mid- to high-end smartphone purchasers. They also used the following signals to reach relevant audiences: age range of 25-44 years, credit card/debit card/Unified Payment Interface (UPI)/mobile banking users, and purchase propensity in the top 30-50th percentile.

Amazon DSP was leveraged to reach these audiences through display ads on Ad clicks took the audiences to the Max Life website, where they could learn more about the insurance products, and interested consumers could also share their contact details with the brand. Remarketing was executed to nudge engaged audiences. To expand audience reach, new audience segments were identified at a monthly frequency through in-house audience overlap reports.

Driving quality leads

In Q2 2021, about 23% of the term insurance leads generated from display advertising for Max Life were generated by Amazon (compared to 2% in Q2 2020). 66% of the generated leads were found to be relevant.

"In an endeavor to support our business growth, we have to continuously experiment with newer channels. Amazon Ads has become a helpful and scalable channel for us due to several things coming together: relevant audiences, unique audience solutions, bidding capabilities of Amazon DSP, and a deeply invested account management team."

— Sameer Jain, VP, Digital Sales, Max Life Insurance

"Many of our clients have run successful campaigns on Amazon Ads. For Max Life, we used display advertising on with robust audience solutions to reach relevant audiences. Amazon Ads is fast becoming a mainstay in campaign planning. With Amazon Ads, for Max Life, we have been able to deliver scale while maintaining costs effectively.”

— Rubeena Singh, CEO, iProspect

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