Family sleepwear brand Mad Dog Concepts implements year-long strategy to double sales on Amazon

The company

Mad Dog concepts was established in 2001 and specializes in sleepwear for the whole family. In February 2018, Mad Dog Concepts wanted to turn its seasonal products, including fleece and flannel pajamas, into year-round staples with the help of Amazon Ads.

The goal

Mad Dog’s goal was to create continuity for its customers while not losing sales momentum on its evergreen products. By collaborating with Nozani—a marketing agency that focuses on Amazon listing optimization, advertising, and account strategy—Mad Dog Concepts implemented a year-long advertising plan, with the objective of doubling its revenue on Amazon each year.

quoteUpMad Dog is constantly advertising because there is always a demand for the types of products we sell. We recognize the importance of maintaining sales velocity and ad spend in order to continue that velocity into the peak seasons.quoteDown
– Hank Berger, CEO, Mad Dog Concepts

The solution

To drive traffic to Mad Dog Concepts’ various product pages, Nozani focused its strategy on Sponsored Products campaigns, which help Amazon advertisers gain sales momentum for their product offering by increasing search visibility and driving sales within the category.

Nozani then used a variety of campaign optimization techniques, modifying budget allocations based off projected sales and fine-tuning Mad Dog’s keywords based upon performance and seasonality. Nozani also modified keywords every two weeks, fine-tuning the CPC (cost-per-click) bids, and used search term reports to identify relevant and new keywords.

quoteUpIn order to create the most impact, we optimized each listing with clear images, informative infographics, videos, and Enhanced Brand Content, which helped us drive traffic to the different product listings. Sponsored Products is one of the most efficient ways to generate product buzz.quoteDown
– William Kim, Senior Account Manager, Nozani

During the off-season, Nozani lowered the ad spend amount while continuing to adjust bids and focusing on more broad, non-seasonal keywords (for example, lowering the bid for the keyword “wool socks” during the summer). Additionally, Nozani compared the number of sales to the ACOS (advertising cost of sales), adjusting spend accordingly depending on the efficiency of the campaigns. For example, if the ACOS was close to or below Mad Dog’s targets, Nozani would bid more per keyword with the hopes of driving increased sales on a high-conversion keyword.

The results

Since the start of its advertising campaigns in February 2018, Mad Dog Concepts has generated close to 38MM impressions on its products. As of July 2019, the brand has seen a 53% improvement in total sales attributed to Amazon Ads compared to the same period the year prior.

With the help of Nozani, Mad Dog Concepts was also able to increase overall sales by 228% from July to December 2018 and grow total sales during a sales off-season (Q3 2018) by 673% compared to the same periods last year.

quoteUpAmazon sponsored ads are one of the best ways to gain awareness and increased visibility. Thanks to our work with Amazon and Nozani, we were able to maintain a strong presence for our customers.quoteDown
– Hank Berger, CEO, Mad Dog Concepts