Case Study

Luftzeuge expands into Europe with scaled creative assets using Amazon Ads localization services

Luftzeuge's high-performance 3D printer filament

Luftzeuge, a China-based company that sells high-performance 3D printer filament online, has been advertising with Amazon Ads since 2021. Making the most of our full suite of ad solutions, the company uses Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, Stores, and Posts to help drive sales, and increase brand and product awareness with shoppers browsing in the Amazon store. “Fifteen percent of our advertising budget is dedicated to Amazon Ads, specifically for advertising in the US and UK where we see the highest traffic and engagement with our products,” says Chenliang Ye, e-commerce manager at Luftzeuge.

The challenge: Scaling creative assets in European countries

When looking to expand their offering and advertising efforts into Europe, one of Luftzeuge’s main challenges was translating their existing creative assets to enable them to advertise in different countries and languages.

“All of our existing advertising creative assets, including video and text, were in English, as they were created for US and UK audiences. We needed help translating these so we could advertise across Europe, in countries including Germany, France, Spain, and Italy,” says Ye.

The strategy: Translating creative assets using the Amazon Ads localization services

Amazon Ads localization services was launched to help brands scale their creative assets globally and solve a common pain point for advertisers: wanting to expand internationally, but facing language barriers in different countries. The service offers text and video translations to advertisers to help localize their creative assets, such as translating text for product detail pages, Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Display campaigns, Stores, Posts, and more. Advertisers can also get both audio and on-screen text in videos translated via subtitles, which can enable them to reuse existing video creatives to expand Sponsored Brands video ad format campaigns in different countries. And these services are simple and easy to use.

Luftzeuge used localization services from Amazon Ads to translate their English-language video assets so they could expand their Sponsored Brands video ad format campaigns to Europe. Moreover, they were able to add English subtitles to their existing video campaigns in the UK and US. They also used our services to translate text for their Store subpages, product detail pages, headlines for Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands campaigns, and A+ content, from English into German, French, Spanish, and Italian.

“The process was simple, convenient, and easy to use—all you need to do is sign in to your account to submit the content you want to translate. The quality of the translated assets was great,” says Ye.

The results: Expanding reach and engaging shoppers in Europe

For Luftzeuge, using the text and video localization services resulted in valuable time savings in creating translated assets suitable for their target European countries, as well as an improved ad moderation approval rate for their campaigns. All text and video content that is translated through our localization services is thoroughly checked by our language experts to ensure it complies with our campaign moderation criteria, meaning campaigns won’t get rejected due to translation errors, spelling, or grammar.

Expanding their advertising offering to Europe has also resulted in an increase in brand awareness for Luftzeuge among new shoppers in these new countries. In August 2022, they saw a growth in impressions, click-through rate (CTR), return on ad spend (ROAS), and achieved an impressive 20% advertising cost of sales (ACOS) for their Sponsored Brands video ad format campaigns.1

“I’d recommend using the Amazon Ads localization services due to the quality, convenience, and speed of the translations. We would use it again to help us scale and localize more content in the future, especially as we grow our offering in Europe,” says Ye.

To help share your existing brand content globally, learn more about Amazon Ads localization services.

1 Advertiser-provided data, US and UK, August 2022. Results are reflective of campaigns for one advertiser, Luftzeuge, and are not indicative of future outcomes.