Nestlé Waters Italy uses Amazon Ads for the launch of its new product line, Levissima

The company

Levissima+ is one of the Sanpellegrino Group's mineral waters, recognized as the archetype of water and symbol of purity in Italy. Sanpellegrino is the most significant brand in the beverage sector in Italy, thanks to a rich portfolio of mineral waters, nonalcoholic aperitifs, cold drinks, and teas. Its products are present in over 150 countries through branches and distributors spread across five continents. Part of the Nestlé Group, and a world-class leader in nutrition, health, and wellness, Sanpellegrino has always been committed to preserving and enhancing water, assuming responsibility and passion to ensure that it is a sustainable and high-quality resource in the future.

quoteUpThe Levissima+ launch has been a great example of an integrated media campaign. Nestlé was excited to work with Amazon Ads in a creatively led execution that resulted in a great +45% in ad recall uplift.quoteDown
– Edoardo Felicori, Media Manager, Nestlé Italy

The challenge

Nestlé Waters set out to launch Levissima, a new range of natural mineral water in three different flavors, on, including Prime Now. Each flavor is enriched with a mineral element. The existing Levissima+ marketing campaign matched the three flavors with three different personas showing particular lifestyles: Zinc-Concentration-Photographer, Magnesium-Wellbeing-Cyclist, Potassium-Physical Power-Skier. The goal was to find a way to drive awareness and sales of its new product line.

The solution

To drive education and engagement from Amazon customers, Nestlé Waters Italy created custom landing pages with different storytelling (“+ Moments”) for the three different personas matching with the existing brand communication. Amazon Ads developed display creatives per audience linked to the dedicated section of the landing page. A button on the landing page invited users with location in cities where Prime Now is available to order Levissima+ water on Prime Now.

quoteUpThe Levissima+ campaign was the first step of the brand on its path to tailored customer experiences. It’s a successful exercise that shows how insights and creativity can effectively impact business results.quoteDown
– Jessica Bruschi, Digital &
e-commerce Lead, Nestlé Waters Italy

The results

Overall the campaign strategy went well. A Nielsen Digital Brand Effect brand lift study assessed the awareness uplift and measured the communication impact on users exposed to the campaign only and on those that interacted with the landing page. The study showed an increase of 45% in overall ad recall versus the 12% benchmark in comparable Nielsen categories. For users exposed to the landing pages, the lift in ad recalls surged by 104% (3x higher versus users exposed to display only). Most notably Nestlé waters saw an increase of 200% in Prime Now sales of Levissima during the campaign period from September 17, 2018, to October 24, 2018.


  • +45% lift in overall ad recall for users exposed to the communications versus 12% of Nielsen awareness benchmark in comparable categories
  • +104% lift in landing page ad recall, 3x higher versus users exposed to display only
  • +200% lift in Prime Now sales during the campaign from September 17, 2018, to October 24, 2018 compared to the non-campaign period