ROI Revolution helps Lenovo optimize its Store and ads

The partnership

As one of the world’s largest PC companies, Lenovo has spent decades living up to its promise of “smarter technology for all” with industry standard-setting lines of PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, and other electronic accessories.

Lenovo has both sold and advertised its products on Amazon since 2010. In March 2019, Lenovo partnered with full-service agency ROI Revolution to improve its ROAS (return on ad spend). With its specialization in brand growth, ROI Revolution crafted a strategy that embraced advertising products like Sponsored Display, with the goal of optimizing and solidifying Lenovo’s brand presence on Amazon.

The strategy

With ROI Revolution at the helm, Lenovo’s objectives included 10x ROAS for spend on Amazon Ads, 10% ACOS (advertising cost of sales) for its PCs, and 25% ACOS for its accessories.

Lenovo wanted to better build its brand story on Amazon. ROI Revolution worked with Lenovo to develop a new Store and refresh existing products with new images and A+ Content.

Providing strategy and execution for both Stores and product detail pages and Amazon Ads, ROI Revolution tested content and product ad combinations, optimizing the customer experience along the entire funnel. ROI Revolution kept the advertising strategy and content in line with dynamic goals and focuses, by aligning months in advance on budget allocation and product priority for high-traffic shopping events, like Prime Day and the holiday shopping season.

In tandem with the revamped Store on Amazon, ROI Revolution launched Sponsored Brands video (beta) with Lenovo. With a modest investment in Sponsored Brands video during Q4 2019, Lenovo saw a 132% CTR (click-through rate) increase over non-video Sponsored Brands advertising.

Sponsored Display offers enhanced targeting capabilities by interest and product category. ROI Revolution utilized Sponsored Display to reach new audiences actively browsing similar products and categories. Additionally, the unique Sponsored Display remarketing features allowed Lenovo to reach potential customers wherever they spend time, reengaging them to stay top of mind.

quoteUpTesting everything is critical to a successful campaign. From ad copy to product page layout to your Store page, testing allowed us to quickly develop best practices around Sponsored Display and Sponsored Brands video and quickly scale to achieve our goals.quoteDown
– Carly Holland, Marketplaces Team Lead, ROI Revolution

The results

ROI Revolution far exceeded expectations for Lenovo, delivering 14x ROAS across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display and Stores against a 10x ROAS target. ROI Revolution partnered closely with Lenovo to develop a clear brand voice on Stores and add A+ Content to Lenovo products. ROI Revolution’s integrated advertising strategy used content and branding assets across Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and Stores to help Lenovo engage potential customers at the right moments. Q4 2019 saw Sponsored Brands ACOS exceeding expectations at just 6.6%.

ROI Revolution invested in Sponsored Display to help expand Lenovo’s reach to new audiences, tell the Lenovo brand story, and reengage customers at different marketing funnel stages. Of the total Q4 sales, 9% were attributed to Sponsored Display, at 6% ACOS.

Both ROI Revolution and Lenovo credit consistent communication with their successful partnership. “Ensuring you have a close relationship with your advertiser is essential,” said Carly Holland, Marketplaces Team Lead at ROI Revolution.

Lenovo representative Steve Fisher adds: “Get to know the people on your account at the agency and communicate well, especially during the initial launch and rollout meetings. Make quick corrections if necessary to get everybody on the same page.”

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