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Inside Lenovo’s quest to engage with the gamer community in the UAE

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Imagine the thrill of an unparalleled gaming experience, featuring stunning visuals and powerful performance, catered to all types of gamers. This is the vision Lenovo is pursuing, seeking to inspire Middle East and North Africa (MENA) customers and redefine the gaming landscape through innovative technology.

Building on their already strong reputation as a top-of-mind PC brand, the company is dedicated to creating tailored gaming products such as laptops, desktops, headphones, and other gaming accessories that cater to the unique needs and preferences of customers. As part of this commitment to the region, Lenovo aimed to engage with the highly dynamic gaming audience in UAE and create long-lasting connections while enhancing brand discoverability and product favorability.

To help achieve the brand’s objectives, Lenovo worked with Amazon Ads through strategic campaigns and high-impact placements during key events. This collaboration allowed Lenovo to connect with the growing gaming community in the UAE and help solidify Lenovo’s position as a leader in the industry.

Connecting with women in the UAE gaming community

Lenovo wanted to create a campaign that helped generate an authentic experience for audiences, especially women in the gaming community with their Lenovo Legion brand, a series of cutting-edge laptop devices built specifically for gaming needs. They worked with Amazon Ads to develop an always-on campaign during Q4 2022, leveraging ad products like Amazon DSP video, display banners, and more to help create content that resonated with customers.

One of the content pieces included a hero video on the Amazon website homepage. The story of the video highlights a woman who demonstrates leadership and strength through strategic decision-making and effective collaboration with her teammates while gaming on Lenovo Legion. The brand aimed to empower and encourage women in the gaming community by featuring a female protagonist, showcasing their commitment to inclusivity and celebrating the diverse range of players within the gaming world.

Ultimately, Lenovo Legion celebrated and supported women in gaming by showcasing the versatile opportunities their products offer to enhance the gaming experience for all. The video narrative helped Lenovo create a sense of connection between their brand and relevant customers.

Lenovo LEGION Campaign

Campaign visual showcasing a female gamer engaged in a gaming session with the Lenovo Legion brand laptop.

The three-phase strategy for Lenovo Legion’s success

The campaign execution was strategically divided into three phases during Q4 2022: lead-in, lead-up, and lead-out.

During the lead-in phase, Lenovo Legion aimed to promote their brand to Amazon PC gaming shoppers using a multichannel approach that included Amazon DSP video, display, and Twitch. By leveraging awareness-focused tactics such as video, dynamic banners, and static display, the campaign helped connect with customers and laid the groundwork for subsequent campaign phases.

In the lead-up phase, Lenovo Legion capitalized on November peak events such as Singles’ Day and White Friday with Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Display, and display banners. This approach focused on converting brand-aware audiences that had been exposed to Lenovo Legion ads and/or engaged with the product detail pages during the lead-in phase. By reengaging these audiences, Lenovo Legion drove consideration and aimed to gain exposure to increase sales for promoted products and deals.

Finally, the lead-out phase concentrated on reengaging the existing audience to foster loyalty and engage in-market audiences who had not purchased Lenovo Legion laptops during the November peak events. The brand employed responsive e-commerce creatives (REC) to achieve this goal, ensuring that they stayed top of mind among potential customers. Demand generation tactics in this phase included REC and Sponsored Products.

From awareness to achievement: Lenovo Legion’s Q4 campaign results

By implementing this phased strategy throughout Q4 2022, Lenovo’s Legion brand successfully launched a campaign that reached a wide audience in the UAE, exceeding benchmarks across most performance indicators. With a total of 33 million impressions, the campaign reached a broad audience, effectively raising awareness of the Lenovo Legion brand among potential customers.1

The overall return on ad spend (ROAS) of 7.81 indicated a strong return on investment, demonstrating the campaign’s ability to help generate significant revenue in relation to ad spend. Additionally, 71% of the customers were new to brand (NTB), showcasing the campaign’s ability to attract new customers and expand the Lenovo Legion brand’s reach.2

The awareness-focused tactics employed in the campaign, such as video ads, resulted in a 60% video completion rate (VCR), demonstrating the campaign’s success in capturing the attention of viewers and delivering engaging content. Additionally, the campaign’s click-through rate (CTR) of 0.18% was above the industry benchmark, illustrating the effectiveness of the creative messaging in driving user engagement and prompting them to further explore Lenovo Legion products. 3

In terms of consideration, the campaign achieved a detail page view rate (DVPR) of 1.1%, highlighting the success of the campaign in driving potential customers to visit product detail pages and consider making a purchase. 4

Demand generation tactics, such as REC and Sponsored Products, resulted in a ROAS of 19. This exceptional result showcases the campaign’s ability to help drive conversions and generate demand for Lenovo Legion laptops.5

Finally, the campaign led to a 14% relative lift in ad recall, indicating that the campaign effectively increased brand recognition and recall among the key audience.6

quoteUpLenovo Legion was a successful campaign with a strong uplift in sales vs. last year. I’m extremely delighted to see the wider marketing and sales team entrusting the capabilities of Amazon DSP.quoteDown
— Diana Moustafa, marketing manager, Lenovo Gulf

1 - 6 Amazon internal data, UAE, 2022

*Results in this case study are based off a single advertiser’s use of the mentioned Amazon Ads product from October to December 2022, and are not indicative of future performance.