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Shuttlerock helps Jel Sert turn static images into engaging video ads

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Sharing a treat can bring people together. As a family-owned company, Jel Sert has a passion for creating drinks, desserts, and frozen treats that friends and families can enjoy while creating lasting memories. Since their founding in 1926, Jel Sert has been building a robust portfolio of products and brands.

After seeing online purchasing grow in popularity around the world, Jel Sert began selling nationwide on Amazon in 2021 to reach more shoppers. However, Jel Sert operates in a growing and fast-moving category on Amazon: grocery. To stand out amid the competition, they wanted to enhance their marketing campaigns with help from an advertising partner.

Jel Sert online video ad example developed by Shuttlerock

Remixing static assets into compelling video ads

Jel Sert had already invested significantly in high-quality product packaging, photography, and other branding elements. Their budget for more assets was limited, but they wanted to engage shoppers with video content. So, in 2022, they teamed up with Amazon Ads partner Shuttlerock, a creative-as-a-service (CaaS) company that specializes in transforming static images into video content, to turn their existing assets into thumb-stopping videos quickly and cost-effectively.

Shuttlerock’s approach used three techniques: creating 3D models; animating static imagery; and using engaging effects such as motion graphics, parallax, and sound to transform still imagery into high impact video content. Using these techniques, Shuttlerock created Online Video ads, which reach audiences both on Amazon-owned sites and across the web. Shuttlerock combines human-powered design expertise with proprietary cloud technology, including enhanced AI capabilities, to optimize the video-making process. This combination speeds up tasks like briefing, revising, uploading assets, downloading videos, and versioning.

The Shuttlerock team created 88 compelling video rich assets across four brands in a period of one year. Repurposing the brands existing assets maximised the value of what they had already invested in. These videos featured dynamic design and eye-catching animation, and highlighted Jel Sert’s products. The goal of these videos was to help Jel Sert build awareness of their flavored drink brands. Plus, it took Shuttlerock as few as 5 business days to produce each video ad for Jel Sert. With quick turnarounds like this, Jel Sert’s ad campaigns went live 2x faster than they would have done with a standard advertising agency, reducing production time by 50%.1

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It’s important to test out a variety of creative concepts to understand what resonates with your audience. Using existing assets saves advertisers time and provides a frictionless environment for insight. Being an Amazon Ads partner helps us to support our customers in being up to date on best practices for platform and placement fit creative required to succeed on Amazon.

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— Dani Larimer, Director of Partnerships, Shuttlerock

Saving time and money on ad campaigns

By partnering with Shuttlerock, Jel Sert saved time and money in building and deploying their video ad campaign on Amazon. Creating entirely new video content, such as filmed commercials, is time-consuming and expensive. Jel Sert repurposed assets they already had, so they didn’t need to spend more time and money on content creation.

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Partnering with Shuttlerock has enhanced our Amazon campaigns. They expedite the production of creative ads while verifying on-brand, high-quality content. Shuttlerock’s cost-effective approach and deep Amazon expertise provide flexibility and give us confidence in our campaigns

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— Mark Ortaleza, creative design manager, Jel Sert

Jel Sert also managed to make their limited marketing resources go further. By working with Shuttlerock, Jel Sert leveraged smart optimization methods. For example, some of the video ads used the same static input images, but by transforming and remixing the assets, Shuttlerock created ads with significantly different messaging and calls to action.

After the success of their video ads, Jel Sert renewed their annual creative license with Shuttlerock in August 2023. Shuttlerock continues to deliver fast, on-brand creative services for Jel Sert at a fixed monthly cost.

1 Advertiser-provided data, US, 2023