Hungry Lion Productions uses Fire TV ads to boost viewership

The company

Founded in 2012, Hungry Lion Productions creates films and TV documentaries, including the award-winning Haunted State. This multi-part docuseries uncovers historic locations in Wisconsin and investigates the paranormal folklore associated with the sites.

The challenge

As a small publisher, Hungry Lion Productions is challenged with building awareness of its content using limited resources. Wanting to get the most out of their advertising investment, they worked with Amazon Advertising to help increase discoverability and viewership of their content.

The strategy

Hungry Lion Productions leveraged Sponsored Display on Fire TV to help boost the performance of two of its titles: Haunted State - Whispers from History Past and Haunted State - Theatre of Shadows.

Fire TV ads allow advertisers to promote apps, movies, and TV shows to relevant audiences based on interests. Through the self-service-advertising console, advertisers can create these ads, monitor performance, and adjust campaign settings post-launch to maintain budget efficiency.

Amazon Advertising helped Hungry Lion Productions build a three-week campaign to engage horror movie fans, and their ads were shown in the high-visibility "Sponsored" row on the home tab of Fire TV. This above-the-fold placement allowed the publisher to display their content as part of Fire TV’s native interface. The advertising team monitored the campaign and adjusted settings, like audiences, along the way to help achieve optimal performance.

The results

Overall, Hungry Lion Productions’ campaign helped increase the cumulative reach (the number of unique viewers exposed through the campaign) of both promoted titles, with each receiving high impressions and CTR (click-through rates). Daily video streams for Haunted State - Theatre of Shadows increased by 311% compared to streams prior to the campaign, and Haunted State - Whispers from History Past achieved an increase of 143% in daily video streams.

The ads for Haunted State - Whispers from History Past had a statistically significant increase in CTR for targeted segment compared to untargeted segment, with a high video stream rate and a low CPC (cost per click). The ROAS (return on advertising spend) was break-even for Haunted Space - Theatre of Shadows, and for as little as $100, they generated 2K hours of streaming. Additionally, the cumulative reach (the number of unique users exposed through the campaign) was high for both the titles, allowing Hungry Lion to increase awareness of their titles.

With Fire TV ads, Hungry Lions Productions was successfully able to drive content awareness and consumption without needing a high budget.

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