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HP used Amazon Business and Amazon Ads for the relaunch of their 1005W laser printer series

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Hewlett-Packard (HP) is a multi-category player in the information technology sector with a portfolio encompassing laptops, printers, supplies, and peripherals, and the brand had been using Amazon audience capabilities to drive their full-funnel metrics across their product offerings. Since the Laser P1005 was at the end of its life, HP subsequently relaunched the long-standing laser printer with a new ink tank technology in the first quarter of 2022.

To help bring product awareness and consideration for this relaunch, the brand worked with Amazon Ads to develop a full-funnel campaign, with a focus on building brand awareness and driving sales to reestablish their printer as a top product in the category.

Reaching and engaging relevant audiences

The brand and the Amazon Ads team worked together to go beyond traditional campaigns on Amazon and looked for a new approach to meet the campaign objectives. After considering multiple avenues, the brand identified that there would be two key levers to this launch: reaching relevant audiences, and engaging with those audiences in a meaningful way.

The brand chose to run a simultaneous advertising campaign on multiple slots on Amazon homepage and Amazon Business—an Amazon portal that caters to the needs of over 2 million registered and verified business-to-business customers in India1—to reach these relevant audiences. As HP wanted this product to reach the segments of small and medium size businesses (SMBs), as well as micro, small, and medium enterprises, the audiences available on Amazon Business met the brand’s requirements. Thus, HP ran an awareness campaign leveraging the high-impact advertising slots available on the Amazon Business homepage.

The brand supplemented this effort by running a parallel full-funnel campaign across Amazon through Amazon DSP. Leveraging Amazon audience solutions, the brand reached out to SMBs, as well as customers who had shown an interest in printers and similar categories. The brand also grew the funnel by re-engaging audiences who had interacted with ads on Amazon Business. The messaging emphasized the innovative ink tank technology in laser printing along with a self-reloadable toner, eliminating a dependency on a third party to reload. Through this strategy, HP achieved both upper- and lower-funnel objectives.

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Being the market leader in the printer category, we are continuously innovating. With the legendary 1005 being at the end of its life, the LaserJet Tank launch was critical for the business. We collaborated with Amazon Ads to co-create a plan to achieve our business objectives. It helped us build preference among the relevant audiences and maintain our leadership in the market.

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— Siddharth Vishwakarma, marketing manager, HP India

The multiplier effect of running simultaneous campaigns

For the campaign on Amazon, the brand was able to drive good consideration metrics, with a click-through rate (CTR) of 1.01% and a product detail page view rate (DPVR) of 2.1%.2 The campaign that ran on Amazon Business delivered more than 1.7 million impressions in 14 days with favorable consideration metrics, with CTR and product DPVR trending above 1.67% and 2.5%, respectively. HP was able to reach around 20% of registered and verified business customers on Amazon Business.3

By combining these levers, in three weeks, the campaign achieved a unique reach of around 1 million consumers, attaining CTR and DPVR metrics ~1.4x to the category benchmarks, with a return on ad spend above 3.4

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Working with the Amazon Ads team always enables us to come up with something new. We were able to achieve our planned KPIs from this campaign. Our new product was in the top-five best-seller list of the category within the first week of the launch.

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— Ishitta Mittal, e-commerce marketing manager, HP India

1 Amazon internal data, IN, 2022
2-4 Advertiser-provided data, IN, 2022

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