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Emerging brand Holy Stone creates Streaming TV ads in 3 simple steps with the help of Amazon Ads

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Holy Stone is a growing brand with a mission to share the joy of flying a drone with everyone. They offer drones for fliers at every experience level, and they believed that video would be an ideal way to showcase their brand value for potential customers. Through video advertising, and thanks to the combination of audio and visual elements, Holy Stone wanted to educate the viewers about the drone’s key features and showcase the product in action. In particular, the brand wanted to demonstrate the clear and vivid photos and videos captured by their Holy Stone 720E drone, which features an electronic image stabilization (EIS) system and the 4K UHD camera.

But with little time and a lack of the right resources to create the video assets in-house, they needed to find a way to unlock new video opportunities and provide the brand storytelling that would help them engage potential customers. And that is how the successful collaboration between Holy Stone and Amazon Ads started, which resulted in a 30-second video optimized for Streaming TV ads.

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We are challenged to think about long-term brand growth and how to attract more relevant audiences. With Amazon’s Streaming TV ads plus the Amazon Ads video production services, we were able to receive a free high-quality video that our team fell in love with.

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— Clay Chen, CSO and cofounder of Holy Stone

How SMBs like Holy Stone can access premium video advertising

The brand turned to Amazon Ads for video production services, which offer an entry point for small and medium-size businesses to run premium video and experience the value of branding. With the help of Amazon Ads, Holy Stone received a high-quality video through a three-step process.

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Streaming TV video creative created by Amazon Ads video production service

Step 1: Creative brief

The creative work on the video started with Holy Stone’s input and brief to understand their goals, tone, and desired output. The information that Holy Stone provided to Amazon Ads included the following:

  • Campaign purpose: Drive awareness and branded search, with a focus on the Holy Stone 720E drone.
  • Desired audience: 20- to 65-year-old men who are interested in outdoor activities and photography.
  • Key message: Inspire customers to search and capture every moment with the Holy Stone brand.
Holy Stone drones

Holy Stone drones

Building video creative is a very collaborative experience, and the creative brief grounds all partners to ensure the best aligned output" said Natalie Pierson, Sr. Manager for Brand Video. "Holy Stone had a clear vision for their brand, and the creative brief was our north star guiding creative teams to stay true to the brands objectives. This resulted in a visually compelling, performant and successful campaign.

Step 2: Concept and mood boards

Based on the advertiser brief, Amazon Ads partnered with one of its trusted video production partners to develop two creative concepts, including mood boards and talent description. The creative concepts are entirely tailored around the input given by the brand and take into consideration elements like brand personality, product positioning, campaign target group.

The mood board as starting point for the creative concept

The mood board as starting point for the creative concept

Holy Stone chose their favorite creative approach, a concept titled “Moments,” recalling the brand slogan “For the Good Moments.” The concept features a man in his mid-30s who loves to rock climb, which is used as a metaphor to demonstrate the challenges and triumphs of everyday life. The voiceover shares a broad message, while the visuals and onscreen text highlight the Holy Stone features throughout the narrative. The overall tone of the video is strong, inspirational, and upbeat.

Step 3: Video production following Amazon Ads video best practices

In order to help ensure video performance against agreed KPIs, the production partner used Amazon Ads best practices for video advertising:

  • Enforcing brand recognition with a logo and voiceover: Give the logo the appropriate amount of screen time so it is legible and easily digestible to viewers. Add a voiceover that states the brand name.
  • Product integration: The product(s) being advertised should be seen consistently throughout the video ad to better establish brand/product recall.
  • End card composition: Product integration on end cards through still imagery or footage help to make a lasting impression on viewers.
Video End Card composition

Video End Card composition

Holy Stone started the video production process with Amazon Ads by simply filling out a creative brief and ended up four to six weeks later with a ready-to-use video following Amazon Ads best practices and tailored to the brands identity and campaign purpose. The 30-second video ran as a Streaming TV ad, and Holy Stone used their campaign to reach audiences shopping similar products and categories.

Holy Stone drove brand awareness and reached new customers

The video campaign allowed Holy Stone to deliver their brand story, driving awareness and generating net-new customers. The campaign reached over 1 million unique Amazon shoppers, and Holy Stone saw a 279% increase in branded searches.1 The video performed above the category benchmark for video completion rate (VCR), at 96.46%.2

Holy Stone brand awareness stats

1 Advertiser-provided data, US, 2022
2 Amazon internal data, US, 2021