Case Study

Harpic drove awareness and trials for the new product Flushmatic by educating customers in India

Harpic Flushmatic

Harpic, a brand in the home and personal hygiene space in India, is manufactured and sold by the Reckitt Benckiser Group. The Flushmatic block, a product under the Harpic portfolio, is a drop-in tank tablet that is placed inside the toilet’s cistern to release a dose of detergent with every flush. The brand noticed some concerning reviews and ratings from customers, who expressed worry about the product’s foaming actions and fragrance and wondered about how long the product would last in use. Based on this feedback, Harpic launched a new version of the Flushmatic product in January 2022.

Launching an educational campaign

The brand wanted to educate customers about the updated features of the new version of Flushmatic. They also wanted to help drive product trials by providing samples to customers to test its features. The teams at Harpic and Amazon Ads worked together to leverage GameX, a tool only available in India that allows advertisers to show audiences a video ad and then prompts them to take a quiz. Harpic could understand the effectiveness of their educational campaign by seeing how accurately the respondents answered the questions.

Creating an engaging campaign

The brand engaged with audiences in-market for household supplies by showing them display ads that would lead them to a quiz. Upon landing on the quiz page, customers watched a 15-second video that highlighted the key attributes, usage, and benefits of the product. After viewing the video, the customers took a quiz with five questions on its content. Upon answering all questions correctly, the customers received an Amazon Pay coupon that could be redeemed if they purchased one of Harpic’s Flushmatic products. This quiz and immediate coupon collection model helped support conversion.

Delivering results and impact

Over a duration of three weeks of the campaign, over 0.2 Mn+ customers took the quiz resulting an effective cost-per-customer engagement of INR 4.65. About 62% of customers who took the quiz answered all the questions correctly.1 The campaign helped to achieve a 1.5x increase of product page views and 6.4K product trials through coupon redemptions compared to business-as-usual days before the campaign period.2 Additionally, Harpic observed the number of new-to-brand customers increased to 73% during the duration of the campaign.3 The brand also saw the campaign’s impact elsewhere, seeing a spike 2.2x of the shopping queries of “Flushmatic” in other third-party retail stores.4

“Driving awareness and engagement in upper-funnel audience is a big challenge for CPG companies to increase penetration for their brands. GameX on Amazon offers a solution that supports engagement across a customer’s shopping journey. We have seen significant impact of the campaign, with the construct of immediate coupon collection via Amazon Pay coupons to the consumers and, thereby, also observing a drive in product purchase and trials, in addition to awareness.”

— Avin Piparsania, head of e-commerce, Reckitt Hygiene

1-4 Advertiser-provided data, IN, 2022

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