How GROOVE and Siroca achieved a 19x sales increase during Prime Day

Siroca is a Tokyo-based company that manufactures and sells small household appliances for cooking, domestic, and seasonal needs. Siroca began advertising directly on Amazon using self-service ads in June 2018. In October 2018, Siroca started working with GROOVE, an agency that specializes in online commerce strategies and operations, to manage their advertising with the goal of making continuous improvements, such as tailoring keywords and bids to help improve sales.

Developing a Prime Day strategy

In 2020, GROOVE developed a strategy to increase Siroca’s Prime Day sales. In January, GROOVE prepared a sales plan for each of Siroca’s products to use at Prime Day and other tentpole events. The plan included developing per-product sales goals, and adjusting advertising budgets and inventory accordingly. GROOVE also identified relevant keywords to help engage and reach audiences in the weeks leading up to and on Prime Day. In addition, GROOVE calculated predicted sales volume during and after Prime Day so Siroca could prepare to replenish inventory accordingly.

Raising brand awareness through advertising and product detail page improvements

About a month before Prime Day, GROOVE optimized Siroca’s product detail pages with the aim of improving click-through and conversion rates. First, GROOVE re-photographed each product to make sure the photos were high-quality and included images of people using the products. Additionally, GROOVE changed Siroca’s ad copy font on product descriptions, with variations depending on the product price range. Two weeks after optimizing Siroca’s product detail pages and launching Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands campaigns, conversion rates were 1.62 times higher.1

GROOVE also analyzed customer reviews about Siroca products to gain actionable insights based on customer feedback. Using the learnings, GROOVE further optimized images and copy on product detail pages, increased keyword bids to create a larger search volume, and improved the organic search rankings of general keywords. As a result of these optimizations, engagement with these products increased.

Achieving a 19x sales increase and a best-seller badge

During Prime Day, GROOVE ran hourly checks of Siroca’s sales, optimizing keywords in real-time to help increase Siroca product visibility. In addition, GROOVE used sale badges, displaying them on advertising frames in the product detail pages. GROOVE also activated campaigns on Amazon DSP, monitoring the consumption bid costs for each keyword and, and the ad positions.

As a result of their efforts, GROOVE and Siroca saw a 19x increase in the average daily sales compared to the period before Prime Day.2 After Prime Day, they continued to run sponsored ads campaigns on general keywords.

quoteUpWe wanted to be prepared for Prime Day. Sales can be increased by coming up with logical strategies, from product detail page reconstructions to advertising operations.”quoteDown
– Masayuki Suzuki, Account Manager, GROOVE Inc.

Shinichiro Nagasawa, Sales Division Leader of Siroca Inc., spoke about the effectiveness of using Amazon Ads for Prime Day: “By performing detailed maintenance for each keyword and ranking, the return on investment can change significantly.”

Regarding the efforts with advertising agencies, Nagasawa described the advantages: “During Prime Day, it’s important to change strategies often. GROOVE is very helpful in this regard, taking care of everything from the overall strategy to detailed maintenance. We also communicate closely through chat, so we have a smooth grasp of the current situation.”

1 Advertiser-provided data, Japan, 2020
2 Advertiser-provided data, Japan, 2020


  • +1.62x conversion rates1
  • +19x average daily Prime Day sales2