Eco-friendly cleaning company drives sales on Amazon

The company

Green Gobbler is dedicated to manufacturing safe, effective, and economical household products with minimal impact to the world around them. Their products are manufactured in the US, and meet or exceed all US biodegradability standards.

The challenge

Green Gobbler wanted to gain visibility and drive sales for their products sold on Amazon, so they launched their first Sponsored Products campaign in March 2016. Green Gobbler was able to get started in just minutes, allowing them to gain impressions and drive sales quickly. The initial results proved that Sponsored Products could drive sales; however, Sternberg saw an opportunity to improve the ROI (return on investment). Using the advertising reports in Seller Central and the optimization capabilities within Campaign Manager, in just 6 months Green Gobbler was able to achieve a 10-20x ROI within their Sponsored Products campaigns.

quoteUpSponsored Products has changed the way we launch new products and helps build the momentum we need to drive more sales on Amazon.quoteDown
—Matt Sternberg, Owner of Green Gobbler

The solution: Partnering with Teikametrics to accelerate Sponsored Products success

Encouraged by these numbers and wanting to scale their advertising further, the brand turned to Teikametrics—a software platform that supports Amazon sellers—to help manage their growing number of ad campaigns. Teikametrics’ core mission is to use data and technology to elegantly solve problems for sellers. They have helped Amazon sellers since 2012 and over the past 2 years have improved Sponsored Products performance for hundreds of sellers. Teikametrics’ Sponsored Products Optimizer uses machine learning to continuously optimize Sponsored Products campaigns for Amazon.

Green Gobbler was able to augment their data with the Sponsored Products Optimizer tool provided by Teikametrics. This allowed them to easily identify new keyword opportunities to target with their ads and scale their ad spend with automated keyword bidding. During this time Green Gobbler also leveraged the search term report available in Seller Central to identify new customer search terms that led to sales. The following year, their monthly sales attributed to Sponsored Products grew 614% while still maintaining an 11x ROI.

quoteUp"I remember telling Teikametrics that we were averaging 2,000 orders per week and that my goal was to double that number. As of today, we are averaging 4,500 orders per week. We couldn’t be happier that we partnered with Teikametrics.”quoteDown
– Matt Sternberg, Owner of Green Gobbler

The results

Since getting started with Sponsored Products, Green Gobbler’s overall monthly sales grew over 174% from August 2016 to August 2017. This was achieved by introducing new variations of their products while simultaneously running ads with Sponsored Products. Green Gobbler has gone from running one Sponsored Products campaign to running over 100 campaigns for their 75-product lineup. Sponsored Products now accounts for 30% of their monthly sales volume.

Sternberg is committed to advertising to grow his Amazon sales, saying, “We use Sponsored Products because of the ease and speed of setting up campaigns to produce incremental revenue for our Amazon business.”


  • Over 174% growth in total sales year over year
  • 614% growth in ad attributed sales year over year

Tips for getting started from Green Gobbler owner Matt Sternberg

  1. Create ads for every single product
  2. Expect to optimize your campaigns over time to improve your return
  3. Do your keyword research. Set a cadence to review your campaigns and reports, and stick to it!