Com2us summons gamers with programmatic advertising

Bridging the gap between branding and direct response

Programmatic buying is often categorized as a marketing tactic for direct response, but what many advertisers don’t realize is that it can also be a highly effective tool for branding. As the customer journey becomes increasingly divided, programmatic helps marketers influence shoppers by serving up the right message for any moment—from discovery and engagement to consideration and purchase.

Here is an example of how the mobile gaming app developer Com2us used Amazon’s programmatic advertising solution to grow awareness and installs for its new game, Summoners War, resulting in a 21% lift in awareness and a 73% lift in intent to play.1

The situation

Since this was a brand-new game, Com2us was looking to create awareness among gamers and, at the same time, deliver on its cost-per-download goals.

According to comScore data, Amazon customers are:

  • 57% more likely than the average mobile user to install 8 apps or more per month2
  • 70% more likely than the average mobile user to discover a new app via a mobile ad2

The solution

Com2us worked with Amazon’s programmatic team to create a two-week, two-part campaign aimed at delivering on dual goals—discovery and downloads.

In part one, Com2us used a mix of pre-roll video and high-impact display ads targeting a broad range of relevant audience segments to maximize reach and engagement. During this phase, the company used Nielsen Brand Effect to share brand lift metrics in real time to optimize campaign performance.

:30 pre-roll video ad

:30 pre-roll video ad

Billboard 970x250

Billboard 970x250

In part two, Com2us sequentially messaged shoppers who were exposed to the video ads using Amazon’s full-screen mobile app download unit.

Full screen Mobile App download ad

Full screen Mobile App download ad

Eric Cho, Head of Marketing at Com2us, was impressed with “Amazon’s ability to effectively pair broad-range audience targeting and high-impact advertising formats to acquire new users. Its combination of brand measurement, sequential messaging to video-exposed customers and a high-impact display creative proved highly effective."

Key Takeaway

  • Use video and high-impact display to capture attention and build awareness
  • Re-engage those exposed audiences to increase engagement and drive action with a clear call to action

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1Source: Nielsen Digital Brand Effect September 2016
2Source: ComScore April 2017