Four Sigmatic partners with Perpetua to help drive brand awareness

Introducing Four Sigmatic Everyday Magic

Founded by Tero Isokauppila, Four Sigmatic is an LA-based functional food company founded in 2012. Four Sigmatic makes Everyday Magic® by upgrading daily favorites like coffee and protein with premium functional ingredients. Four Sigmatic believes supporting immunity, balancing stress, and improving overall well-being should be a delicious and almost-magically easy part of your day. Since they started advertising on Amazon in 2016, they’d seen initial success using Sponsored Products and Amazon DSP ads, but were looking for ways to incrementally expand their brand presence to reach new audiences.

Reaching and reconnecting with new audiences

Overall, Four Sigmatic's primary objective with Amazon Ads was to leverage Streaming TV ads to expand their reach to new audiences and grow brand awareness. Additional objectives included establishing trust and credibility with new audiences through Amazon Streaming TV ads, and reconnecting with these audiences through ad placements on trusted sites available through Amazon DSP.

Testing across Amazon DSP and Amazon Streaming TV ads

Beginning March 2020, Four Sigmatic collaborated with their media agency of record, Cartograph, along with Amazon Ads tool provider Perpetua to jumpstart their new, holistic Amazon Ads strategy. The plan included a modest budget for experimentation and ability to scale across Amazon DSP and Streaming TV ad solutions (formerly Amazon OTT). To better understand how these advertising tactics affected Four Sigmatic’s brand shopping journey, the team planned to use Amazon Marketing Cloud, a privacy-safe dedicated cloud-based environment in which advertisers can easily perform analytics across multiple, pseudonymized signals to generate aggregated, anonymous reports.

In October 2020, Four Sigmatic launched the first Amazon Streaming TV test with the goal of measuring Streaming TV ad impact on engagement with new audiences across the shopping journey. Cartograph and Perpetua then set up Amazon Marketing Cloud reports for each Streaming TV ad to better understand the incremental value of Streaming TV along the shopping journey, along with performance broken down by specific audiences.

Four Sigmatic saw increased signals of incremental growth from Streaming TV ad units through Amazon Marketing Cloud reporting, learning that new audiences exposed to Streaming TV ads were more likely to purchase a product through Four Sigmatic’s Store than if they engaged only with Amazon DSP or Sponsored Products alone.

"When working with Four Sigmatic, we leveraged Streaming TV campaigns through the Amazon DSP to drive brand awareness with our desired audiences on premium inventory. Using Amazon Marketing Cloud, we were able to clearly demonstrate paths to conversion, helping Four Sigmatic to quantify and examine the investment of their advertising dollars."

— Alec Tulett, Perpetua

The results

Four Sigmantic’s Q4 Streaming TV ads campaigns saw the following performance insights:

  • Amazon Marketing Cloud reporting proved new audiences were 3.3x more likely to purchase after viewing both a Streaming TV and Sponsored Products ad in Q4 2020.1
  • Amazon Marketing Cloud reporting showed new audiences were 1.4x more likely to purchase after viewing both a Streaming TV and display ad in Q4 2020.2
  • With the expansion to Amazon Streaming TV ads, Four Sigmatic saw a 105% increase in new-to-brand purchases from Q3 to Q4 2020.3
  • While increasing overall awareness and brand reach, Four Sigmatic was able to maintain return on ad spend (ROAS) on hero products from Q3 to Q4 2020.4

"Amazon DSP is the first piece of the puzzle, but Streaming TV Ads rounds out our full-funnel strategy. We continue to choose Streaming TV ads over linear TV because of the flexibility and measurability it offers. With Amazon Ads, we have access to directly attributable performance metrics that help us truly understand the impact and scale of our upper-funnel ad spend. Amazon Streaming TV ads gives us the ability to meet our customers where they are, not the other way around.

— Rick Cadotte, Four Sigmatic

These results indicated that Four Sigmatic’s Amazon Streaming TV ads message reached audiences effectively, while maintaining consistent performance against their overall ROAS goals.

Following these campaigns, Four Sigmatic is now running quarterly Streaming TV ad campaigns focused on hero SKU products. Looking ahead, they’ll continue to work with Perpetua to continue to optimize their performance across Streaming TV ads across their hero SKUs, and eventually expanding to cover other products within their brand’s portfolio.

1-4 Advertiser-provided data, United States, 2021.