Fossil creates higher brand awareness using display ads

Fossil leverages display ads to increase brand awareness through expert-crafted campaigns.

For over 30 years, the American brand Fossil has focused on producing perfectly crafted watches and lifestyle products to be a shopper’s style accomplice. In the pursuit to make their ever-growing product line visible to relevant shoppers on, Fossil has joined forces with display ads to run targeted ad campaigns.

Amazon strategies for Fossil

The Amazon Ads team works on achieving the brand’s clear-cut objectives of being the most viewed, considered, and sought-after brand by potential customers online. The team of ad experts ensures this by building engaging ad campaigns year-round that are displayed to shoppers at various points of their shopping journey, thereby influencing purchase decisions. Campaigns are designed around product launches like the launch of Fossil’s hybrid watch, global events, and Amazon-specific events such as the Great Indian Sale and the Amazon India Fashion week.

Fossil runs an always-on ad campaign where the team tries out different creatives and messages to understand shopper response and optimize effective positioning and market messaging.

Higher brand awareness through constant visibility

“Unless a brand is seen, the likeliness of its products being bought is low. Amazon's display ads address the problem of brand awareness and product discoverability by directing traffic to product detail pages, brand pages, etc.," says Mr. Mudit.

For Fossil, 1 in every 4 product detail page views is driven by advertising. Not just that, the search volume for keywords such as "Fossil watches for men" and "Fossil watches for women" has grown by 20x this year.

Customer acquisition and engagement

Fossil has been focused on both expanding and penetrating the lifestyle market on Amazon.

“With Amazon’s full-funnel measurement metrics, we were able to determine that 30% of our overall sales on Amazon has been driven by display ads,” says Mr. Mudit.

Additionally, the brand noticed that its customer acquisition rate has grown by 2x this year, thus making its product offerings relevant to a wider base. The rate of acquisition for Fossil is 5% faster than the category itself.


With display ads, Fossil saw a surge in product views and sales.

  • Fossil got a return of Rs. 20 on every Re. 1 it spent
  • 2x growth in customer acquisition rate as compared to the previous year
  • 30% of overall sales attributed to ads
  • 25% lift in product page views
  • 20x lift in search volume of branded keywords

What they said

“We are very happy with the performance of our display ads. Our targeted ads now direct higher traffic to our product pages and have resulted in 25% incremental page views, boosting product awareness.”

Mr. Mudit Tiwari, Marketing Manager, Fossil