Case Study

How foodspring uses Amazon’s multi-country ad features to help grow their brand globally

Foodspring products

Founded in Berlin in 2013, foodspring is a health and nutrition company that aims to take sports nutrition to the next level with a line of functional, simple, and tasty performance-based products. Ten years later, the brand offers their selection to customers around the world.

In 2017, foodspring began selling and advertising their products on Amazon. The company wanted to connect with their customers where they like to shop. Aakriti Malhotra, senior marketplace manager at foodspring, said, “It was a no-brainer launching our products on Amazon. You want to be present where the shoppers are. Amazon Ads helps give you the visibility to do that.”

The company had a clear goal for their advertising strategy on Amazon: place successful bids to help secure ad placements, and continually optimize their campaigns based on conversions. The brand experimented with different ad solutions and features to help meet their goals to grow internationally. “Amazon Ads has launched so many different tools that make our tasks way easier,” Malhotra said.

Using the multi-country features and tools by Amazon Ads, foodspring saved time when launching campaigns in new countries. The company also used the campaign creation and copy feature, which allows brands to create and copy their Sponsored Products automatic-targeted campaigns to other locales, without spending time setting up and translating individual campaigns for each country. “The Amazon Ads campaign copy feature is exactly what it says. You can copy the campaign into different countries, which has been a huge help,” Malhotra said. “Every time we launch a new product, we can roll out the campaigns and launch the product in minutes. This saves a lot of time.”

The company also uses the keyword localization feature to automatically translate their keywords to the best-matching keywords in the languages of the country where their ads will show. Additionally, the manager account feature allows them to link their country-specific accounts into a single global manager account, providing a consolidated view of metrics and billing alerts.

Regarding foodspring’s campaign growth on Amazon, Malhotra concluded, “Amazon is not just for big sellers. [And] with Sponsored Products, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display, the opportunities [to help you grow] are endless. There are great knowledge tools and features that will help guide you to achieve your goals.”