EMP sees growth using Finch’s integration with Amazon Advertising API

Meeting the bands

EMP Merchandising (EMP) was created by fans, for fans, in Germany in 1986. The company supports rock music, movie, and gaming merchandising across clothing, jewelry, and albums. EMP started selling on Amazon in 2014 and offers more than 30,000 products, including licensed products from some of the biggest names in entertainment.

Finch started in 2009 as a software company based in Salt Lake City in the United States and has since grown into a global company with offices across North America, Europe, and Asia. Finch helps brands and manufacturers across the world with strategic, scalable, and cost-efficient online advertising solutions. Finch built their technology solution for optimizing campaigns on Amazon through applications on the Amazon Advertising API.

Getting air time

In February 2019, EMP began working with Finch to build and maintain a growth strategy. As an advertiser on Amazon supporting multiple countries, and with a team that was operating at full capacity, EMP realized they could benefit from Finch’s expertise and technological offering.

EMP’s goal was to increase advertising revenue at a stable rate and reach a business-efficient advertising cost of sale (ACOS).

Creating a set list

Finch uses an integration with the Amazon Advertising API that allows companies to build unique capabilities to scale and support tasks like creating entities, adjusting bids, accessing detailed reporting, and determining attribution of advertising sales. Integration with the Amazon Advertising API also allows Finch to help clients optimize advertising campaigns. In addition, Finch’s technology solution can automate manual tasks, saving time and resources. This helps clients like EMP scale their advertising activities and have more transparency into their marketing activities through performance reporting.

When beginning to work with a new client, Finch starts by auditing all performance insights and recommending an overall target ACOS for products such as Sponsored Products and Sponsored Brands. Creating a unified ACOS across five countries, Finch set a goal of less than 15% ACOS for EMP’s advertising—a metric that was highly variable for EMP in the past. EMP and Finch aligned on a full-funnel advertising approach and increased the budget by 90% in an effort to help scale revenue.

Finch also provided EMP with a Featured Offer report, new-to-brand report, and cross-country performance report. The Featured Offer report helps EMP understand how to optimize product detail pages and identify the scope of lost revenue from missing an opportunity of being the Featured Offer. The new-to-brand report gives insight into whether a purchase attributed to advertising was made by existing customers or customers buying a brand’s product on Amazon for the first time over the prior year. The cross-country report compares performance across countries and allows EMP to optimize advertising spend by locale.

Wrapping up a successful tour

Within the first three months of working with Finch (February to May 2019), EMP stabilized their ACOS to below 15% and increased revenue by 60%. They sustained these results, achieving an 88% increase in revenue year-over-year from 2018 to 2019. In the subsequent year (2019 to 2020), EMP saw a revenue growth of 37%.

Experiencing success with their clients, Finch maintains the use of the Amazon Advertising API is key to their business model:

quoteUpFinch’s tech solution is built on the Amazon Advertising API and we 100% recommend it to other software providers. The Amazon Advertising API allows us to scale Amazon Ads campaigns from day one, and automate many processes which would otherwise have to be done manually.quoteDown
– Jeremiah Haas, Head of Amazon and Shopping Solutions, Finch

As EMP expands into new advertising strategies, the team emphasizes the importance of advertising to their business model:

quoteUpAttracted by good conversion rates, more advertisers are active on Amazon. Advertising is one of the channels that is important to help achieve long-term success. We have been able to scale our business, particularly with the help of automated advertising tools.quoteDown
– Caroline Offergelt, Marketplace Manager, EMP

Looking ahead, Finch and EMP are continuing to scale EMP’s business on Amazon and exploring additional advertising opportunities, like Sponsored Display, to reach new audiences.

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