Crompton used Amazon DSP and sponsored ads to increase product views

Crompton Greaves is one of the leading manufacturers of consumer electrical products with products ranging across fans, light sources, home appliances, and pumps. With the fans category seeing a surge of new entrants, Crompton’s consideration within this category fell in March 2021.1 The brand aimed to increase their consideration over the next two quarters with a 35% increase in product detail page views by October 2021, which coincided with the festive period around Diwali in India.

Based on the insights from the past performance, the brand concluded they needed to revisit their strategy. The brand used a combination of display and search campaigns to meet their objectives that allowed them to gain both paid and organic views for their products.

Revising keyword strategy

The brand moved to a single ASIN campaign structure that allowed for better keyword mapping, leading to better optimization and control of the campaigns. Additionally, they also increased their ad coverage by reaching out to relevant customers within the category, while optimizing their investment in the ad slots to improve the chances of ads reaching audiences at peak evening browsing hours. By utilizing Sponsored Brand campaigns, the brand was able to drive traffic and improve the dwell time on the brand store. The brand was one of the early adopters of Sponsored Brand video in India, and used this product to garner visibility into relevant segments.

Leveraging display campaigns to support keyword strategy

The brand used ad inventory on product detail pages to reach out to relevant audiences at an economical cost while also integrating television commercial elements in the Amazon DSP creative to improve brand recall. By reaching out to audiences who had shown an interest in fans as a category, the brand gained more product detail page views from external traffic sources as well.

Building organic views

To increase organic views, the brand followed a two-pronged strategy. First, they created variants in the product detail page allowing customers to view different color variants of a product with just one click. Secondly, by identifying the top performing keywords, the brand expanded the search ads coverage for each ASIN while also optimizing the product title and information sections.

Driving results

By October 2021, the product detail page views had increased by 60% while bringing down the cost per product detail page view by 56%. The total sales on Amazon grew by 72% YoY for the same period.2

"Breaking the clutter in the fans category on Amazon was critical for us. Through Amazon Ads, we were able to reach relevant audiences where were able to garner new consumers for our brand during the high sale season around Diwali. With the wide array of solutions, we were able to increase awareness for Crompton fans using Amazon DSP and drive performance using sponsored ads. We also engaged differently with our consumers by being one of the early adopters for Sponsored Brand video."

— Pragya Bijalwan, Chief Marketing Officer & VP Marketing, Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Limited

“Our collaboration with Amazon Ads team has helped to fuel business growth and Crompton’s GV share in fans category. We continuously experimented with newer and relevant ad solutions as well as audience cohorts by optimizing the marketing funnel using technology and insights available through Amazon and our inhouse proprietary tools. Valuable inputs on event and media planning from a deeply invested account management team helped us to plan better and win the festive season for our esteemed client.”

— Manav Khurana, Business Head- E – Commerce Marketplaces, Hiveminds

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1-2 Advertiser-provided data, India, 2021

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