Casio increased awareness on with Amazon DSP and Stores

In 2020, Casio worked with Amazon Advertising to create a campaign to reach Millennial shoppers. Their goal was to increase awareness and drive consideration for newly launched G-Shock smartwatches, whose features—including a heart rate monitor, step tracker, thermometer, and GPS function—support customers during workouts.

Driving awareness and consideration for newly launched G-Shock smartwatches

Casio developed a two-pronged approach. First, they used Amazon Pi reports and Audience Insights to learn about the buying behavior of potential smartwatch customers. Amazon Pi is a self-serve insights platform for advertisers in India that helps brands make informed decisions on Amazon Advertising. In addition, Amazon Pi reports help advertisers track brand performance across the customer journey. With Amazon Pi and Audience Insights, Casio analyzed search, market basket, and alternate purchase reports to identify their audience for the campaign.

Next, Casio used Amazon’s programmatic solution, Amazon DSP, to run video ads to reach in-market smartwatch shoppers that included a link to Casio’s Store on The creative emphasized the product features that helps customers during their workout sessions. The Store highlighted more information about the product features to help customers better understand the watch’s functionality.

Later, Casio used Amazon DSP to run display ads on to reach customers. Customers who wanted to learn more about the G-Shock smartwatch could click to go to a product detail page that gave more information about the product features in detail.

Increasing unique visitors and page views

The campaign drove a 400% increase in unique visitors and a 330% increase in product detail page views. Forty-eight percent of the total units sold during the campaign period were attributed to display ads.

"We worked with Amazon Advertising and did a campaign for our newly launched G-Shock smartwatches on Our objective was to drive awareness and consideration; hence, we used Amazon DSP to run display and video ads that helped maintaining visibility on and off Amazon, post-launch. Amazon’s new creative options of GIFs, and videos, helped us in communicating functional features of G-Shock smartwatch, which helped us customers find our brand store, and sales in the smartwatches segment on"

— Sachin Sharma , CMO, Casio India

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