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Envision Horizons helps BUXOM Cosmetics exceed visibility target by 24% during the holiday season

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BUXOM Cosmetics, a U.S. brand founded in 2007, believes that people should be 100% themselves, 100% of the time. That’s why one of their brand pillars is being big and bold, which they reflect in every aspect of their business, including the ad strategies for their beauty solutions such as face products, lip glosses, serums, and eye makeup.

BUXOM began selling products on Amazon in 2016 to reach a broader audience of online shoppers. In Q4 2022, BUXOM sought to use attention-grabbing advertising to boost brand visibility, attract new customers, and lay the groundwork for successful holiday sales.

Creating a multifaceted advertising strategy

BUXOM collaborated with Envision Horizons, a full-service Amazon Ads partner, to help reach new customers at the end of 2022. They set three ambitious goals for the campaign: increasing sales, boosting average ad impressions to over 25 million each month, and restructuring ad campaigns to reach optimal performance within 30 days of launch.

Envision Horizons helped BUXOM create a multifaceted advertising strategy to maximize shopper engagement. They deployed a combination of Amazon Ads products, including Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products, and Sponsored Display—cost-per-click (CPC) ad types that creatively showcase brands and products. Each of these ad formats played a unique role in capturing customers at different stages of the shopping journey, from initial awareness to the final purchase decision. In addition, they used Amazon DSP to reach broader audiences, boost impression counts, and improve the shopping experience for customers.

Throughout the campaign, Envision Horizons and BUXOM refined and optimized targeting parameters, using campaign performance metrics from both Amazon and a third-party solution. They primarily performed extensive, ongoing keyword research to achieve relevance and maximize visibility. Analyzing customer behavior gave them the insights they needed to create dynamic, tailored messaging and increase engagement. They also analyzed competitors’ tactics so that they could differentiate BUXOM’s marketing.

quoteUpWhen it comes to working with Amazon Ads partners, finding a team that can effectively use data-driven strategies with a test-and-learn mentality is crucial. Envision Horizons demonstrated this from the beginning of our partnership. Their approach, paired with their understanding of customer touchpoints, led to huge success for our brand.quoteDown
— Joshua Miller, executive director of paid media, BUXOM Cosmetics
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BUXOM Cosmetics ad campaign examples

Exceeding campaign goals with strategic advertising

During the advertising campaign, BUXOM achieved significant results in both brand visibility and sales. The campaign generated an impressions peak of 65.8% over the campaign goal in October and maintained an average of 24% above the campaign goal each month during Q4.1 In addition, using Amazon DSP, BUXOM launched remarketing campaigns to reach customers who browsed BUXOM products but didn’t make a purchase. By giving those customers an extra nudge, BUXOM surpassed their Amazon DSP sales goals for this audience by 51% in November.2 Restructuring BUXOM’s campaigns resulted in significant performance improvements as well. In Q4, the average return on ad spend (ROAS) exceeded the target by 24%.3

“Working with BUXOM on this campaign taught us the importance of maximizing customer touchpoints and using the full suite of ad types that Amazon offers,” said Kevin Ting, an advertising strategist at the brand. “By combining Sponsored Brands and Sponsored Products, we achieved unprecedented growth in impressions, exceeding our goals.”

1-3 Source: Envision Horizons, United States, 2023.