Sponsored Brands video strategy helps a brand story

Bee’s Wrap makes products designed to introduce sustainable practices to its customers’ kitchens. As an early leader in environmentally friendly plastic wrap alternatives, its washable, reusable, and compostable products are made by infusing organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Bee’s Wrap joined Amazon in February 2018 and began working with Tinuiti, a performance marketing agency, in September 2019. Through this partnership, the brand looked to further develop its Amazon Ads strategy and maintain first-mover advantage in an increasingly competitive landscape.

The challenge of an increasingly competitive category

Bee’s Wrap was one of the first brands to offer a sustainable plastic wrap alternative and initially faced little competition. The marketplace became increasingly competitive over time, and as new offerings cropped up, it became essential for Bee’s Wrap to maintain strong product performance on Amazon while ensuring strong share of voice (SOV). To effectively keep pace with competing offerings, Tinuiti stressed the importance of maximizing Bee’s Wrap’s brand presence on Amazon by telling its story with available Amazon Ads products.

Using creative features to help deepen the brand experience

To manage the increasingly competitive marketplace, Tinuiti developed a strategy that leveraged creative features through the use of Stores, A+ Content, Sponsored Brands custom image, and Sponsored Brands video to differentiate Bee’s Wrap’s products.

When it came to leveraging Sponsored Brands video, Tinuiti recognized the opportunity to deliver on multiple objectives, including:

Delivering awareness: Sponsored Brands video offered a way to cut through the clutter and help engage customers by highlighting what makes Bee’s Wrap unique. This included showcasing the brand’s focus on quality with its best-in-class production process, commitment to conservationism as a certified B Corporation, and its story as a female-owned business that takes pride in USA production. Bee’s Wrap utilized an existing 43-second brand social asset, eliminating any need for additional production cost, to help bring shoppers closer to these elements of the brand’s story as they browsed at the category level.

Generating conversion: To help drive incremental sales during the Q4 shopping period, Tinuiti leveraged cut-down creative that was shorter in length (10-12 seconds) and focused on demonstrating the use of Bee’s Wrap products. This short-form Sponsored Brands video helped the brand maximize the opportunity presented by high-traffic periods and proved to be a great way to educate and engage shoppers on Bee’s Wrap’s offering while driving conversion.

Yielding results with Sponsored Brands video

While initially Tinuiti viewed Sponsored Brands video campaigns as more of an upper-funnel awareness-driving investment, the campaigns drove efficient engagement and return on advertising spend (ROAS).

quoteUpSponsored Brands video is a unique tool advertisers can leverage to ease consumers’ path to purchase before even reaching a brands product detail page.quoteDown
– Zak Semitka, Senior Specialist, Marketplaces, at Tinuiti

In Q4 2019, Bee’s Wrap’s Sponsored Brands video campaigns yielded the following results:

  • -59% lower cost-per-click (CPC) than traditional Sponsored Brands campaigns.
  • +56% higher click-through rate (CTR) than traditional Sponsored Brands campaigns.
  • -50% lower advertising cost of sales (ACOS) than traditional Sponsored Brands campaigns.

Bee’s Wrap was extremely pleased with the results in 2019, and Sponsored Brands video has since become a key component of the brand’s strategy.

quoteUpVideo is proving to be more relevant to engage customers. We can tell our brand story in a multidimensional way that is both product-focused and educational―paramount for new concepts like reusable, plastic-free food storage.quoteDown
– Charlotte Addison, VP Marketing & Sales Bee's Wrap