B2MarketPlace helps expand brand loyalty and sales for Solgar

Marketing a wide number of products

With over 360 different health supplement products available on Amazon.es, Solgar needed the right expertise to grow sales for its complete line of product offerings. Starting April 2021, Solgar worked with Amazon Ads marketing, sales, and catalogue specialists at B2MarketPlace to meet its ambitious goals for sales and Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS).

With strong advertising experience on Amazon, B2MarketPlace, founded in 2017, works with vendor and seller clients to holistically manage offerings, advertising, and sales. This inclusive approach appealed to Solgar— who, with a wide variety of supplements in their product line, required a strategy that connected their catalogue and a comprehensive advertising strategy.

Creating goals for 2021

Solgar tasked B2MarketPlace to increase total sales, and to grow their brand by expanding to new customers. Additionally, Solgar aimed to maintain an ambitious Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) above 10x their benchmark.

Before implementing new advertising strategies, B2MarketPlace focused on optimizing Solgar’s Amazon Store. B2MarketPlace introduced new content that highlighted the client brand’s history and unique selling propositions, alongside its best-selling products. Other products were organized on the Store page to make it easier for existing customers to discover the most relevant, new products. Sponsored Brands campaigns pointed to Solgar’s Store, and the most overperforming products were also used for Sponsored Brands video campaigns.

Implementing a full-funnel strategy

B2MarketPlace utilized Sponsored Display for a full-funnel marketing strategy, from awareness to conversion goals. Using viewable CPM (vCPM) bids optimized for views and Amazon audience segments, B2MarketPlace reached a large group of potential customers. Further down the shopping journey, Sponsored Display product targeting allowed B2MarketPlace to place adds on specific relevant product detail pages. To provide relevant information about new products and resales, views and purchases remarketing campaigns with Sponsored Display audiences helped to reach customers already engaging with Solgar’s.

In tandem with its Stores, Sponsored Brands, and Sponsored Display activities, B2MarketPlace maintained always-on Sponsored Products campaigns. Starting with generic campaigns based on automatic keyword selection, B2MarketPlace used continuous leanings to optimize Sponsored Products ads by refining category-relevant keywords. Additionally, B2MarketPlace leveraged the Amazon Ads API to collect and present historic keyword data.

With Solgar’s portfolio of products, B2MarketPlace used advertised product reporting to keep up with the ambitious ROAS goal.

“When we started working in this project, we set aggressive goals for 2021. But building a strategy together with B2MarketPlace , planning the budget according to their goals, developing all the brand assets, such as creating a Store and implementing A+ content, and making the most out of Amazon Ads’ solutions helped us succeed and achieve the goals we had previously set together.”

— Ana Perez, Project Team Lead, B2MarketPlace

Reaching results together

Year-over-year, Solgar’s sales grew 42% between 2020 and 2021.1 Simultaneously, ROAS grew from 8.3x to 14.5x, exceeding past the brand’s initial goal. During that same comparative period, customer conversion rate increased 24%.2

Sponsored Display’s bid optimization for views with vCPM bidding helped to reach new customers, with over 50% of attributed sales from vCPM campaigns coming from new-to-brand customers.3 Views remarketing campaigns with Sponsored Display also performed especially well, resulting in 20.5x ROAS.4

Ana Perez, project team lead with B2MarketPlace, credited the capability of ad products like Sponsored Display to help reach the brand’s ambitious goals.

“The toughest challenge was making a real impact on sales while building the brand awareness,” Perez said. “Developing a full-funnel strategy with different goals associated to every single stage helped us to achieve both goals with a really good performance.”

1-4 Advertiser-provided data, Spain, 2021