Attends Healthcare partners with ChannelAdvisor to build Amazon Ads strategy

Driving performance with Stores and Sponsored Brands video

One of three brands under parent company Domtar Personal Care, Attends Healthcare Products has been a leading manufacturer in the adult incontinence space for over 40 years.

Originally, Attends Healthcare Products focused on healthcare business-to-business sales channels, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and long-term care facilities. But in the past few years, the brand explored a direct-to-consumer approach and began to sell on Amazon in 2015 to reach a new audience for the brand: customers shopping at home.

In 2019, Attends Healthcare Products turned to ChannelAdvisor, an Amazon Ads managed service and tool provider, able to provide a hands-on approach due to its nearby proximity in North Carolina. ChannelAdvisor helps its clients manage digital marketing, marketplaces, and fulfillment strategies in a unified experience. With its integration with the Amazon Advertising API, ChannelAdvisor offers automated bid and keyword optimization, bulk bidding and keyword changes, flexible campaign scheduling, and detailed performance reporting, in addition to its managed services.

Attends Healthcare determines key measures of success for the partnership

As Attends Healthcare Products looked to grow its direct-to-consumer business on Amazon with an increased investment in Amazon Ads, it first needed to sharpen its strategy to help strengthen its brand presence and better tell its brand story to customers. Attends Healthcare Products turned to ChannelAdvisor to help craft a strategy to achieve the following goals:

  1. Improve its overall Amazon strategy and brand presence to grow its direct-to-consumer business.
  2. Deliver time and investment efficiency with automated campaign management.
  3. Drive deeper engagement and consideration with new shopping audiences.

ChannelAdvisor delivers efficiency through automation and develops a stronger brand experience

ChannelAdvisor’s strategy focused on substantiating the Attends brand, using its proprietary automation tools to help drive performance, and leveraging the creative functionality of Sponsored Brands.

  • Tell the brand story and drive awareness with a Store: Building an Attends Healthcare Products Store on Amazon helped drive deeper engagement with shoppers, and helped the brand communicate its key message with compassion, empathy, and accessibility with A+ Content. ChannelAdvisor linked products to the Store, helping to connect customers researching and shopping wherever they spend their time to the Store to raise awareness.
  • Deliver efficiency and performance with automation: ChannelAdvisor’s platform allowed Attends Healthcare Products to improve how it managed and spent its Amazon Ads budget. Automation gave the brand confidence that it could achieve its ACOS (advertising cost of sales) targets, even with increased investment, th anks to the continuous optimization of the campaign based on performance objectives.
  • Drive deeper brand engagement with Sponsored Brands video: ChannelAdvisor updated existing Sponsored Brands campaigns to drive to the Store and also helped Attends Healthcare Products leverage the Sponsored Brands video, a new creative format that allowed the brand to tell its product story to customers within search results, helping differentiate their offering from competitors.
  • quoteUpBrands are often faced with the challenge of communicating to shoppers what makes their products different. Amazon Ads provides a host of solutions to help brands stand out. Sponsored Brands and Stores are important tools for brands. Attends' innovative use of Sponsored Brands video helped pique the interest of shoppers. And with ChannelAdvisor’s support, Attends bolstered their product credibility and helped inform the customers’ buying decision.quoteDown
    – Mike Shapaker, CMO, ChannelAdvisor

Attends Healthcare yields Amazon Ads results with new strategy

By working closely with Attends Healthcare Products to execute this strategy, ChannelAdvisor helped deliver meaningful business results with Amazon Ads.

  • Delivered Amazon Ads sales growth with a 74% increase in sales attributed to advertising in YTD (year-to-date) August 2020 compared to 2019.
  • Yielded new-to-brand customers with increased awareness. Through August 2020 YTD, 45% of Sponsored Brands advertising attributed sales were new-to-brand customers.
quoteUpWe felt like we were in a holding pattern in the Amazon space until we partnered with ChannelAdvisor. From the start, the ChannelAdvisor team brought solutions and ideas to open new doors for success. Now that we have seen what the team can do on Amazon, we are exploring other ways to grow our business in other channels. We are thrilled to see where our partnership will go in the future.quoteDown
– Chris Lee, Senior Marketing Manager, Attends Healthcare Products