Case Study

Learn how Proglobe benefited from their partnership with AsteroidX to increase ad revenue

Proglobe universal adapter

Proglobe, a company that develops innovative travel adapters and equipment to customers around the world, began selling their products on the Amazon store in 2018. While Proglobe’s Amazon sales initially came from organic ranking, they needed additional advertising support to help increase brand exposure. In November 2019, the brand sought support from AsteroidX, an agency that specializes in helping third-party Amazon sellers optimize their Amazon Ads campaigns, to improve their marketing strategy.

Proglobe tasked AsteroidX to help assist in driving ad revenue, lowering advertising cost of sales (ACOS), boosting brand awareness, and creating greater efficiency. This also included helping allocate ad spend by return on ad spend (ROAS). By partnering with AsteroidX and utilizing their expertise, Proglobe would use their newly freed-up time to continue focusing on creating new products for their customers.

Using Sponsored Brands video to help boost awareness

In order to help achieve the brand’s marketing goals, AsteroidX implemented various strategies specifically tied to video ads. As a first step, the agency added text overlays to Sponsored Brands video ads to better communicate the uses and value of each product.

The agency additionally tested different video lengths to identify the most optimal ad duration to best capture the shopper’s attention. They also utilized phrase match to narrow browse terms to specific phrases and/or variations of a phrase.

quoteUpIn running Sponsored Brands video for Proglobe, we found that phrase match helped to reach more customers while maintaining a good ROAS. We also found that modest use of text overlays in the video help to increase clicks because the videos display to shoppers without sound.quoteDown
— Pat Lum, co-founder, AsteroidX

To help boost brand awareness, the agency linked the Sponsored Brands video ads to Proglobe’s Store, allowing them to connect shoppers who had engaged with the ad to explore the brand journey.

AsteroidX ultimately organized Proglobe’s ad campaign portfolio with Sponsored Brands video, made modifications to video ad creative, linked video ads to the advertiser’s Store page, and didn’t overthink the details. As a result, these strategies led to positive year-over-year results.

hand holding an adapter
universal adapter image from amazon

Increasing sales and reaching new-to-brand customers

From 2021 to 2022, AsteroidX successfully doubled overall sales, with Sponsored Brands video ads driving 12% of that growth.1 In 2022 alone, Proglobe’s Sponsored Display ads generated over six figures in revenue with an ACOS under 20%.2

Upon the launch of Sponsored Brands video ads in 2020, new-to-brand customers drove 92% of those sales, which has had a positive impact on business growth.

quoteUpLook for partners that are willing to get on regular calls to strategize. Our industry sees a number of seasonal changes every year, and having a partner to discuss with on strategy calls helps us to properly allocate our spend over time.quoteDown
— Andreas Siljestrom, representative, Proglobe

1-2 Advertiser-provided data, US, 2020–2022.