Amazon DSP beats advertiser’s CPA goal by 59%

This regional cable TV and internet provider looked to its advertising agency to drive awareness, sign-ups and registrants. Using Amazon DSP, they beat client goals by 59%.


Client objective: Focusing on their residential service, the client’s goal was to drive consumer sign-ups for a service plan.

Success metric: Cost per action – evaluating action by site page (i.e., landing page, registration confirmation page, sign-up page, and thank you page).


Using Amazon DSP, the agency was able to:

  • Implement remarketing pixels across the client’s websites
  • Leverage Amazon’s geo targeting to reach audiences based on postal codes
  • Create custom look-alike audience segments by placing a pixel on the advertiser’s order completion page, and then leveraging Amazon’s modeling capabilities to expand the client’s audience reach of similar customers
  • Reach Amazon customers at scale on both desktop and mobile, accessing unique supply on Amazon owned-and-operated websites, and on third-party sites available through leading publishers and the largest exchanges
  • Optimize targeting to drive campaign performance
Lower cost per action

Source: Third-party conversion data


Amazon DSP beat the client’s $85 CPA goal by 59%, delivering an average CPA of $35.